QB Brett Rypien working on getting Canadian Citizenship .

The Boise State Qb .

Had a good win - loss record and is getting looks from the NFL .

If there are changes in the CBA his signing could be lucrative for a CFL team .

Undrafted ... but may be a popular free agent ... NBC had him rated the 10th best QB and only 10 were drafted ... so he is undoubtedly in the next few best options.

Would be great to see this guy land up here. Is a Matt Nichols type QB except he possibly has a higher ceiling than Nichols.

Now the Lions have him on their Neg list, but if he becomes a national player, doesn’t he automatically become eligible for the draft?

seems to me that if a player is not born here nor has played in cis, then just getting a late citizenship should not qualify as national.

It's been done before....it will continue to happen.

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Rypien would make a good CFL QB. I thought he is pretty well entrenched as a #2 guy in the NFL now though. If he gets his Canadian passport he would have to go through a supplemental draft.

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I believe he has been working on this since the spring of 2019. It came out on some news. Cannot remember what site I saw it on.

Since he has Canadian Roots, he was applying to qualify as a case of "Jus sanguinis", or "First blood". Similar to "Naturalization" as an easier way to become a dual citizen.

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