QB Brett Rypien working on getting Canadian Citizenship .

The Boise State Qb .

Had a good win - loss record and is getting looks from the NFL .

If there are changes in the CBA his signing could be lucrative for a CFL team .

Undrafted … but may be a popular free agent … NBC had him rated the 10th best QB and only 10 were drafted … so he is undoubtedly in the next few best options.

Would be great to see this guy land up here. Is a Matt Nichols type QB except he possibly has a higher ceiling than Nichols.

Now the Lions have him on their Neg list, but if he becomes a national player, doesn’t he automatically become eligible for the draft?

seems to me that if a player is not born here nor has played in cis, then just getting a late citizenship should not qualify as national.

It’s been done before…it will continue to happen.

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I guess the process should be fast as he is considered an important personality for canadian sport. Usually such people are getting visas in two hours haha. I wish I was such a famous sportsman, because my girlfriend is an asian and I wait for her to get visa and finally come to me. We searched a lot for an immigration agency until we found these through which we got a spousal sponsorship. Now the process is faster and soon she will be with me. But I think it was much better if I was an important guy like Brett, which gets visa in 2 seconds...

Rypien would make a good CFL QB. I thought he is pretty well entrenched as a #2 guy in the NFL now though. If he gets his Canadian passport he would have to go through a supplemental draft.

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I believe he has been working on this since the spring of 2019. It came out on some news. Cannot remember what site I saw it on.

Since he has Canadian Roots, he was applying to qualify as a case of "Jus sanguinis", or "First blood". Similar to "Naturalization" as an easier way to become a dual citizen.

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