QB Brannagan likely to be on Practice Roster

So, as I figured would happen, it looks as if the Guy so many people said would make the team is going to be a practice roster guy.

$500 a week to be on the practice roster. he looked shaky in his only time on the field in the first pre-season game and he won't get any playing time in game #2..

he shows that like many before him, the Canadian QB is not ready yet.

Funny, I don't recall "many people" saying he'd make the team. . . I think most folks were of the opinion that he'd be in tough and likely end up being a practise roster development project. . .

I was hoping he made the team as a third stringer. I just can't see Dorsey sticking around to be a third stringer.

well some were all stoked about the guy.. figuring he was the next Russ Jackson.

I'd have agreed with you there, ugo, but Dorsey himself said he's staying even if he ends up as third string; just posturing perhaps? Who knows. . . anyway here's what he said:

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Toronto/2010/06/16/14419116.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 19116.html[/url]

Take it for what it's worth. . .

Good to see the CFL open up to CIS QB,s, No shame in doing time on the P.R. for Brannagan, Dalton Bell did two years on the P.R. !! and now could be the Argo,s starter.


They were talking about it last night on Sportsnet or TSN.

Was it announced that he'd be placed on the PR? Just curious...

As for what people said... I think most people were hoping he'd make the team because he's a Canadian QB.

No, no official announcement, which is why I suspect the title of this thread includes the key word "likely."

Barker said that for their last exhibition Brannagan won't play. . . it'll be Lemon for the whole first half and perhaps a bit of the second, with Bell and Dorsey splitting the rest of the time.

So I think the writing's on the wall.

Well, that sucks...

I think he'll be another QB who has a mysterious toe injury and is put on the IR instead of the PR. IIRC the Argos have said he's a project and if they put him on the PR they could lose him to another team.

Unless someone else loses a QB in the first few weeks, why would anyone snap him off the PR? When you take someone off another team's PR they have to go on to the Active Roster.

the kid is too small and slow, he doesn't have a quick release, so then whats the point, the kid is overrated, if he was a top notch qb he would have went down south and had real qb coaches tutor him, a phys ed. teacher at queens isnt the ideal qb coach.

What do you know about it?? coaching is no better down south. The same things can be said about every ncaa qb who tries out in cfl, Please name someone who came in to rookie camp and made starter.

I haven't seen him play, but I'm not so sure he's overrated. Though, it wouldn't be the first time a drafted player was a bust cough Jamarcus Russell cough. Lots of college level players simply aren't ready for the pros. There's nothing wrong at all will spending a season or two on the practice roster where he'll get some serious pro tutelage. They likely see some talent in him or we wouldn't be there at all.