QB Battle

In the article by Jamie Stein on the homepage, the following appears:

"Maas may be unable to go in the season opener on June 30 as a result of off-season surgery. That leaves the door open for Chang and King as well as incumbents Richie Williams and Rocky Butler – neither of whom have impressed Taaffe as of yet."

This is new to me; does anyone in Hamilton know if Taaffe has publicly gone on record as saying that so far Williams and Butler have not impressed him? I don't recall seeing any mention of this previously.

I don't recall him mentioning anyone specific. I just remember him saying that the O needs work and that they have to perform better.

No has not said anything Publicly..About These QB ..

Charlie is Smarter then that ..

The only thing that stands out to me is that Butler is not making the trip. That would indicate he's already secured himself a roster spot.

I agree David.

Butler is not making the trip simply because he’ll get his chance next week to parade his skills.
It will be interesting if tonight’s three QB’s all do a credible job. without anybody eliminating himself from the picture.
That would put the pressure squarely on Maas and Butler to perform to the same level, and in front of a hometown crowd. It could make for some very crucial moments.
Good luck, Mr. Taaffe!

Butler and Williams both looked good in the scrimmage.......considering the timing of the whole offence was off. These two not only have good arms, but they both possess the quickest feet.

Based on last night's exhibition results, Shaun King's numbers look pretty poor, and Chang's look pretty good. King has probably played his way off the roster, as he wont' get a second kick at the can, since we can expect Maas and Butler to get most of the playing time in the next game.

Looks to me like it's shaping up to be Maas, Butler, and Chang as the 3 QBs, with the ranking of them yet to be determined.

I agree with you Mad Jack
I also Think Keep Ritchie on Practice Roster .

Kid Still has a Alot Raw Tallent.
He really did't get much a Chance with the 3rd Sting Oline in.

Plus he only had 1 pass attempt. Its almost insulting that they only allowed him to throw 1 pass.

I don't think Williams will accept $ 500 a week on the practice roster. He will be released so he can catch on with another team.

As for King, he will be released. He made some poor decisions last night and I think that will be his downfall. A rookie might get away with those mistakes.

King is 30 and a vetran of the NFL and although he does not know the CFL he made some mistakes a QB of his calibre should not make. I think he played his way out of the mix last night.

I'll stand by my original prediction to start the season barring injury

#1 Maas
#2 Butler
#3 Chang

No QB on the practice roster.

Came time seperates the CFL QBs from the boys. QBs can look great at practice but game time tells it all, and then you have the QBs that look bad in practice and shine during games. Matt Dunigan would throw a lot of Ducks during practice, then come game time,WELL! :roll:

Was he "only allowed" one pass attempt, or did he tank his reads and have to hand it off, or try a dump pass? Sounded like he panicked quite a bit...