QB battle in TC?

Do most of you fellows think that there will be an acknowledged battle for number 1 QB in TC.?
Reading more about Harris' incentive heavy contract I think there will be an open battle. His incentives are very achievable if he is the starter.

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Harris won't beat out Adams. Harris can't run and he has a weaker arm than Adams.

Adams is the starter, Harris will be the backup and will be traded at the deadline when some other team has a QB injury

"Harris can't run".
"He has a weaker arm than Adams."
Yup again.
"...And will be traded at the deadline when some other team has a QB injury."
I was thinking the exactly same thing but I'm going to root for him anyway. Harris is this year's washed up quarterback (last year it was Nichols) who's got one last shot at glory. Everyone loves a good comeback story.

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I like Harris as a person, but his football skills has completely left him. It is what it is.

Like Elway in Denver at the twilight of his career maybe? No. Probably not. I had Collaros in mind. What a ride... getting kicked from team to team in 2019 while still recovering from repeated concussions. We all thought he was done.

hmmm....I think many are underestimating Harris or at least what is going to occur at TC. I'm a VA guy but I think Harris will be given a shot to overtake him.

BTW Elway won btb Super Bowls in his twilight years. Then hung em up. Maaax


Elway was a physical specimen. He was a Yankee prospect too. Harris is a slight fragile guy, not as strong as Elway, maybe even now.

Collaros always had the ability to play football, but he was stuck behind Ricky Ray in Toronto. Collaros was a good college player, the skills were there. He just needed a chance and got it in Hamilton

Harris ain't passing the eye test, so there isn't any estimation on my part. I'm just astounded how quickly his play as diminished

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Slightly fragile? Trevor Harris posted this 2 weeks ago.

I admire Harris's training regimen, but he's over 35, a pylon in the pocket, and (most importantly to me) -- he folds when pressure comes. He's been like that his whole CFL career. He's probably the best backup you could ask to have in this league, but I still think Vernon should be the starter. That said, if Vernon struggles in the first 3-4 games, I'd expect Harris to come in, and that's probably as it should be.


My question really wasn't about who was going to be the starter. It was more nuanced.
It was whether the Als were going to state if Harris does have a shot coming into TC to become the starter. To declare that the job will be decided in TC or if this is VA's team.

His legs are kind of thinnish. His quads, calves and hams aren't bursting through that pair of shorts. Still won't help him beat out Adams

Harris may be getting on, but he is in good shape, and he's a vet with plenty of experience, so nice to have for the Als IMO; can't see him beating out Adams, but if Adams regresses in to some of his real dumb or poor play, it might be nice to have Harris to turn to.

And Harris has put up 2 of the best QB performances in CFL play-off history; like him or not, this cannot be denied ... unless the amazing passing stats in those games are to be considered flukes or luck.


That's true. There are a few weird narratives floating about Harris that seem to be just accepted as facts.

I know this is a dull question, but what does TC stand for?

training camp

I was going to ask that same question. Now we both know. :grin:

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Yeah sorry

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Many thanks :grinning:

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Il y aura certainement une quelconque ''bataille'' de quart-arrière au camp, mais j'aurais de la misère à concevoir que Harris devienne le partant. Il faudrait qu'Adams Jr choke à un niveau nucléaire pour que ça arrive. De plus, Adams Jr a déjà une longueur d'avance du fait qu'il connait mieux les joueurs et le système.

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