QB backup

I'd be fine with masoli as 1 I don't want manziel but we need a 2nd string who do we want as it???


NOT Glenn...

Interesting point about the # 2 quarterback. So what if Masoli gets injured ....who is the replacement with CFL experience? Goldson has not resigned and that leaves Dane Evans with no experience and Johnny Football. Do you think Manzeil can pick up the CFL game nuances that fast? Obviously there must be a plan in place.

I hope manziel don't pick up a pen Lord knows when last he picked up a football and to me it reminds me of the Tom rosenbach trip we took he was gonna be the best and you know the rest

I think the plan will be like the one we had in 2015: hope to God your starter doesn't get hurt.

cant wait for Johnny to light up the haters

Exactly. It's statisically on their side right now to expect Manziel's failure and they go full hog with it.

Glenn is an absolute sham of a CFL player. Moody and with terrible decision making. Sad thing is he will go into the HOF. Never could a least deserving player get into it.

No way Glenn gets to the HOF... longevity doesn’t equal greatness. If Glenn was an ice cream flavour then vanilla would be it.

Dan Lefevre.
Solves our 3rd and short problems.
Local to Michigan so maybe cheap.
Leaves room for a young guy to develop say a guy who has fallen our of favour with all other society and is willing to spend 3 or 4 years developing on the side lines as 3rd stringer.

I thought we signed our second stringer today?

Most popular guy on the team...the back-up quarterback.

Fact Check:
I think Lefevere's last win as a starter was against Collaros Sept 11, 2016 so he must be great!

Havent we learned by now that having QB insurance isn't a bad thing? Had we had traded for Kevin Glenn like was rumored when Collaros was injured we would have been HOSTING the East Final with a bye - not spending weeks figuring out what to do. That was our year, we needed insurance and we didn't have it. I don't care what Masoli did in the East final - it was too little, too late to salvage that season. IMO it goes down as Austin's biggest oversight.

Im not sure Glenn fits in with this system - but I would take a backup with some experience at this point over a bunch of projects. If Masoli goes down (as of today) we are done. Good teams have insurance. Tate, Lulay, Franklin, Even Masoli are examples of last year's backups that would have been able to keep things afloat.

Im not looking for a controversy at QB - I'm looking for insurance. With a QB that runs you need it.

LMAO !!! Can't wait for Johnny Who ?? Early off season prediction here BUT I predict that Johnny will walk away with the MOC award in 2018 .

Yup , and the winner of this year's Most Outstanding Clipboard carrier award is Johnny "Ima da Best Ever" Manziel . Come on up and get yer trophy Johnny (insert clapping here) congratulations to ya son (insert thumbs up here) in all the years that this league has been around No one and we mean absolutely No one has ever carried a clipboard better than you.(insert more applause and hand clapping here)

As a matter of fact Johnny you might just be the "Greatest" clipboard carrier in the history of the CFL . :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure to be the hot ticket item sold and worn at THF next season . Order yours today , supplies limited.

And this just in , here is the latest from Johnny about how serious he is about his comeback in the CFL.

I think Cody Ledbetter may have something to say about that.

LOL !!! Yikes , who could ever forget the late "Not so Great" Cody Ledbetter . It's rather ironic that in a thread about who our back-up QB might be this season that his name would come up . I know it was a long time ago BUT it's hard to believe that the last time this team actually won the Grey Cup our number two go to guy behind McManus was this slug of a quarterback . :o

Ledbetter ended up being a true dyed in the wool felon and convict .
Sadly it didn't end well for Ledbetter who ended up committing suicide in 2015 .

That's not fair

The team uses tablets now a days.

LOL !!! Fair enough , Johnny has a lot of experience with tablets . Either that or he was trying to cure his hangover .;D

I miss the cries of "Leadbetter Warm Up!" in Box J everytime McManus threw an interception! Sad end to his life.