QB at Atlanta tryout

I have never posted here but am a Lions fan living in Georgia. I work at Ga Tech (married atlanta girl)so I thought I would watch the tryouts for the Lions. (I actually went to watch a friend tryout, he sucked!)

I was very impressed with a qb. From what I could find out his last name is Champion and he played at LaTech. (Joe Smith's College)

I found this clip on youtube. (touchdown pass against Nebraska) http://youtube.com/watch?v=EkT-mv93rB0

The coaches asked him and former lsu qb markus randall to stay. the champion kid looked impressive. Who else are we looking at as a fourth qb.

The Lions are looking at Omar Haugabook, a former Troy Trojan. He's 6'2 and about 220 lbs.

Thats kind of interesting that you went. How many guys showed up for the tryout.

maybe between 100-150 guys. looks like we got a few from the tryout. I am really surprised they didn't sign the kid from latech. I guess i am not a good judge of talent.

I see they did sign the kid from louisiana tech.

Friday, May 9, 2008
Georgia Tech University - Atlanta, GA (Roe Stamps Field)

Zac Champion – quarterback (Louisiana Tech)
Brad Kunz – offensive lineman (Miami)
Reggie Myles – defensive back (Alabama)
Ahmaad Smith – defensive back (Tennessee State)
Walter Stith – offensive lineman (North Carolina A&T)
Eric Taylor – wide receiver (Concordia – Alabama)

They've signed him as their 5th QB candidate for training camp.

an nfl draft site has him at 5'11.5" this is what he was measured at his pro day according to the site. I read that he lost about 20 pounds for his pro day in order to try out for wide receiver. It will be interesting who makes the team. I think both of these new qb's mirror what we already have in pierce and jackson.