QB Adrian McPherson?

With so many teams now in the hunt for a good QB with CFL experience like Winnipeg, Edmonton and Montreal with A.C. getting long in the tooth why doesn’t someone grab up Adrian McPherson who was let go from the Al’s Feb 1, 2013 and is currently with the Arena League in Tampa Bay, Florida or Quinton Porter?

At least both these players have scored TD’s as CFL QB’s and have the potential and the ability to stay healthy unlike a guy like Buck Pierce who gets injured every second game?

Both Winnipeg and Edmonton keep trying to play the QB rotation game but it’s obviously not working and for some unknown reason Reilly is great in the fourth quarter and comes to life when it’s too late in the game to launch a proper come back?

Also, what’s up with Kerry Joseph in Edmonton, I thought he was a good QB, Grey Cup winner from Sask in 2007, he can scramble and throws a good ball but you hardly see the guy play, maybe he should be a starter in Edmonton?

Because he's injured

McPherson couldn't make Edmontons roster. Quarterback is not the Eskimos problem position.

Depending on how his injury is going would be big in a decision if a team should sign him
Right now Montreal has finally gotten Troy Smith so he will not be going there.
Edmonton should probably stick it out with Reilly. The Oline could finally be rounding into shape and they have signed two very good import receivers who have already looked to have pushed Marcus Henry to either step up as a starter or step out and let one of these NFL free agent or Arena player there shot to be the 3rd starting import receiver.

Marcell knows his US talent and if he thinks that Hall can be the guy then no McPherson their.
If not However Marcell may be in a position to start to rebuild Winnipeg with a strong accurate armed CFL veteran who can also run.

AD MAC if healthy will not sign for any body to be a back up this season
I think that Marcell is smart enough to know that AD MAC got caught in a bad situation in Montreal and that he can play and most likley be a good if not great QB. Not a Game Manager like Kevin Glenn but a bonified play maker

Have you watched the last 3-4 Esks games? Reilly is light years better than he was the first couple and looks like a legit starter now. He threw for 500 yards last night, becoming only the 3rd Esks' QB to do so (joining Moon and Maas). The Esks have put up 27,29, and 33 points their last 3 games. You should win some of those games putting up that many points, but the Esks D is pathetic (not to mention Grant Shaw missing FGs as well). QB is clearly not the problem with the Eskimos right now.

I'll re-post what I said when you asked this question regarding Joseph on the Eskimo board a week ago...

He's 40 years old and the Eskimos need to look to the future. Reilly has really started to come around the past few games.

Joseph started about 6 or 7 games last year. His first 2 games he played very well, but after that he looked like the old man that he is. His body wears down quickly and he doesn't have the speed that he used to have that made him an effective scrambling QB back 7-8 years ago. He shouldn't be on the Esks roster and they should move on with Jacory Harris or Jonathon Crompton running the short yardage plays.

I agree the Joseph situation is do to Kavis Reed. Once read is fired or goes insane Joseph will go.
Absolutely no reason why Crompton or Harris can step in and do the short yardage package or Harris do the option package around the goal line. Both guys played at a high level of competition in the NCAA and an option play or QB sneak does not take any special CFL skills

Has anyone considered the possibility that McPherson has no interest in returning to Canada?

McPherson feels at home in the AFL, literally, as his hometown of Bradenton, Fla., is just about 45 minutes from Tampa. His parents come to every home game, and he's still able to visit New Orleans to see his daughter.
[url=http://www.nola.com/voodoo/index.ssf/2013/06/former_new_orleans_saint_adria.html]http://www.nola.com/voodoo/index.ssf/20 ... adria.html[/url]

He has no interest in returning to Canada to be a back up QB that is for certain. If he were to be ofered a chance at a starting job he would be on the plane in a minute. Football has been the only way the Mcpherson has made a living in his life and although being close to home is great and near his family the AFL is not a league where a QB can make 5 digits anymore.
On the flip side he is 30 but has not taken many hits in his 5 years in Montreal. Sure he was ruffed up in the short yardage package but not Concussion type hits so while his mind is expereinced his body is a young 30 by football standards.
If given a chance to start and uses all of these things to his advantage he still has a few years left to seek that elite QB status as well as the half million salary to go with it.
Besides his rookie season in the AFL he has not played that much in the league until last season. 5 years in the CFL he may be very much more comfortable where he can find open space to run instead of runnig into a wall

I can see him in Winnipeg, Hamilton, or Ottawa to compete for the starting job for next season.

If they were smart they would be courting him for also Montreal at the end of the season. Something tells me this is Calvillo's last season. I'd take McPherson over Troy Smith for sure.

Reilly is the future in Edmonton, and Nichols has one more shot to be the backup or Edmonton moves on to someone else.

Calgary is a major X factor, as you really have to wonder which QB they will protect and what happens if that guy gets hurt also next season when the other two may be gone!

If he wasn't under contract in the AFL (as he probably is, making him neigh unpoachable) I would say Winnipeg should attempt to break the bank on him. If not, then Ottawa should and use that spot in the dispersal draft to build a defense.

the AFL allows its players to sign with CFL or nFL teams for mini camps, training camps, or to rosters and are plqced on another league excempt list and said team will retain the players rights should they return

if winnipeg want him now an he wants to go now the release or 9 gaming of Pierce would open up the Cap space

That is actually a really good idea.

Not sure what you're saying here as your words are broken. If you're saying releasing Pierce would open cap space? No dice. Pierce has more than 6 years CFL experience which means Winnipeg is on the hook for his salary whether they release him or not.

Anyone ever recover from a Hernia? It's damn painful and hard to move around. The pain comes and goes even after surgery and can take upwards of 2 years to recuperate from. If McPherson is available and ready to come back, I don't think he'd say no to being a backup. You're collecting a a full game's salary, you're getting extra time to heal. Hey. Why not?

Did McPherson suffer a hernia?

Reason I ask, is that a Tampa rep reportedly stated it was a lower back injury that ended his season..

[b]The Tampa Bay Storm put McPherson on injured reserve Friday because of a recurring injury with his lower back, a team official said. He is done for the season.[/b] [url=http://www.bradenton.com/2013/07/13/4606547/commentary-adrian-mcpherson-out.html#storylink=cpy]http://www.bradenton.com/2013/07/13/460 ... rylink=cpy[/url]

I’ve been telling everyone that for months. He is just no longer interested in doing the sacrifice for backup money.

i thought there is still time for winnipeg to release pierce and not be in the hook for the rest of his salary?
thought they had until september to do so?
i would have cut him long ago.

If that is the case Buck Pierce would need to be placed on the 9 game IR. My opinion is that mcpherson will not be back this season unless a team, Winnipeg, were to hand him the starters job or at least give him a low ed starters salary with the excpectation that if not this season than next season he would at least be able to be given a chance at being a starter.
He has had a a top back up salary and he has sat for 5 years.
Unless Winnipeg would be able to make an offer similar my opinion is that he will wait until next season.
We can only speculate that Ottawa would sign him as a free agent and only take one QB in the expansion draft to have more position players available.
Otaawa's GM being with Montreal would be in a pretty position to make such a call

Let's not beat one of these drums in here to oblivion guys:

McPherson will NOT
A) Return to be a certain backup or
B) Return to be handed the starting job right as he returns.

The only possibility left and reality is for McPherson to be given the opportunity to COMPETE for a starting job with no guarantees. Unless a team gives him that and McPherson accepts that, he's not returning to the CFL.

Meanwhile Montreal tonight is on its third QB and where the heck is that Troy Smith?

We'll see for 2014 for Winnipeg, Ottawa, Hamilton, and if things get nutty in the offseason via Ottawa and main guy left is injured, even Calgary.

McPherson is a poor man's Michael Bishop!!!!!!!!