QB Adrian McPherson , a Free agent in 2013

To date it appears the ESKS and W Peg are the teams searching for improvement in the QB position, although most teams are always on the hunt for a superior QB. If any of you fans would like to find out how good Adrian McPherson is go into the Alouette site and look up a posting made by Senior Ah Me on July 26. The topic is: Is Calvillo hurting the team? Senior has posted extensive You Tube material which demonstrates McPherson's QB ability. Adrian has it all- very competent passer who also has superior running skill. It is reported that Adrian is tired of his secondary position to Calvillo and, unless Calvillo retires, he will likely go to free agency. Other than taking 3rd down runs, Adrian , at present,receives no QB playing time. Think your team would benefit from a better QB? Take a look.

Got a link or anything, Niagara?

But he's a long time backup, just like Porter. Just like Porter he has shown glimpses but hasn't started many games.
Sending in a QB when you are up by a big score doesn't tell you a lot. And sending in a QB when you are down doesn't tell you a lot either. Back up QBs sent in when they have been behind with no chance to catch up usually look inept, the defense know they have to come out passing.

AC goes down and montreal is screwed. I could never understand why they never give him game time when they are waaaay ahead. Or is AC just trying to pad his numbers. I was a porter fan ,but he is going now where, Levevour is now our furture, for now.

They are no more screwed than any other team, it is just that the drop off is more noticeable . Not to mention that in 15 years he's missed about a dozen games due to injury

BC is doing the same thing with Lulay. Backup doesn't get any "reps" when the games are well under control.

McPherson has shown far more than Porter, imo. Like the game in 2009 or 2010 at IWS when Calvillo was injured & the Als smoked us when McPherson took over.

One difference: Porter has had genuine opportunities to take over that team. Adrian has not had that. Does not mean he would do better but Porter has had his shots.

I won't argue Porter vs. McPherson, but that performance he had against the Cats in 2010 can be explained rather simply. Hamilton was coming off the Labour Day game on Monday and played the Als on the following Saturday afternoon. By contrast, Montreal played that week on Friday night and then had over a week off. The Als had a three-day advantage in terms of prep and rest, and that makes a big difference. I'm not trying to take anything away from McPherson's game that day, but looking back, any QB from any team should have played well against the Cats that day.

Mcpherson will be a starter in the league, just might not be with the Als.

I'd like to see him in a city like Winnipeg or.. perhaps Ottawa??? hmm??

actually, McPherson was 21/37 for 238yds with 1TD and 1 INT in that game.
Not great, but not bad either.

Porter on the other hand, torched the Grey Cup champ Als in 2008, (second ever start) with 27/32 passing for 429 yards and 5TD’s and 0 INT including 42 yards rushing on six carries.

Unfortunately, this superb performance was an anomaly, resulting in Porter losing the starters job the following season.

as HfxTC previously stated, McPherson may or may not have the potential to be the #1 although has not had ample opportunity to prove as such, whereas Porter had a season of starts under his belt before the relegation to backup.

Being an understudy to the ageless Calvillo doesn’t help Adrian either.

Blogskee WeeWee: There is also game action with Winnipeg in this material. Can you provide me with like material of Porter? I have not seen Porter play as well as McPherson demonstrated by this action with both Winnipeg and Hamilton. You indeed are making excuses with respect to Montreal having additional rest time than Hamilton. You are indeed taking away from Mcpherson’s play with Hamilton. When Montreal beats Hamilton tomorrow, will your excuse be again that the TiCats were tired and , for some reason were not as rested as the Als?

speaking of McPherson, what was the result of the $20 million dollar lawsuit he brought against the Titans back in 06?

from Wiki: [b]On August 12, 2006, McPherson was hit by a golf cart driven by the Tennessee Titans mascot during half-time. On December 8, 2006, he sued the Titans because of the accident that occurred during the pre-season game at LP Field. The suit sought $15 million in punitive damages and $5 million in compensatory damages.[/b]

2008 against Montreal: 27/32 for 429 yards and five touchdowns (he also had a perfect passer rating, 158.3)
2008 against Saskatchewan: 26/40 for 300 yards and two touchdowns

Good enough?

Not at all taking anything away. The Als won the game and deservedly so. But you can't just look at things in a vacuum. I made this point on the Als forum and had support by some of your fellow Als fans that aren't as enamoured with McPherson as you seem to be.

This has nothing to do with the topic at hand. We're talking about Adrian McPherson, not about the game tomorrow. You say "when" and what happens if that doesn't happen? Considering how the season has played out so far, I wouldn't go saying "when Montreal beats Hamilton" because anything can happen. It's likely Montreal beats Hamilton -- Als playing good football right now, are at home and Hamilton's defense is pretty bad -- but it is far from a guarantee.

MadJack: I have hundreds of links. This is not new material, it has been discussed many many times by the Montreal fans in our Forum blog- very lengthy. All Montreal fans are the links.

I like McPherson as much as any Als fan, but CFL history is littered with the corpses of can't-miss, supposedly franchise QBs who were never able to live up to their potential, which is pretty much what Adrian is right now: potential.

Oh NIagara I know that; I know that many Als' fans have, in the past, speculated that McPherson isn't happy with his lot. That sort of quieted down when he signed his extension, but has recently resurfaced. What I'm looking for is not some poster's speculation as to how he thinks/feels, but something closer to him. Certain posters endlessly repeating that he's not happy doesn't necessarily make it so.

I argue the other way.

McPherson would be a starter by now if it were not for the great Anthony Calvillo defying also the odds against such longevity in peak performance let alone still playing football.

McPherson is nearing 30 and stands to start somewhere else next season. It could be even Edmonton. :smiley:

Lulay is not Calvillo, and Reilly is not McPherson. I see the attempt at the analogy but it does not work.

When there is no information or just speculation and rumour, usually that means the matter was settled privately out of court with a confidentiality clause as part of the settlement.