QB Adams hit in the back of the head with a head shot !

QBAdams suffered the injury on a hit from Redblacks defensive lineman J.R. Tavai in the thirdquarter .

He was hit in the back of his helmut with a clear head shot from Tavai , no 25 yard penalty or even a fifteen .

The CFL announced they are going to protect QB’s this year , does that mean only in the pocket or when slidinglike Zac was with the Simoni hit?

This Head shot by the Ottawa player isdefinitely worth a game ejection and a one game suspension.

Question , is the CFL afraid of another long expensive appeal so they are backing off calling twenty -five yard head shot on QB penalties…?

Looks bad …again!

It’s now the middle third of the season. The replacements for the injured QBs are themselves starting to get injured.

come on CFL, show some consistency…at least one game or optics look like Simoni/Cats were targeted by the CFL. By the way, when do we get the official apology (once again) from the CFL. acknowledging the refs goofed in refusing to allow our call for a timeout?

I saw that on the highlight package, Beam Reach. Could have been ‘spearing’, a late hit as Adams was clearly down, and Tavai had time to avoid Adams’ head, or unnecessary roughness for the same reason. Don’t think Adams dove or slid, so not RTP, which probably meant no review, and hence no RTP penalty nor upgrade of a penalty.

IMO, Simoni got slagged because ‘Quick Flag’ Proulx was doing the game, and called the initial penalty, it was the first game and the league wanted to make a point, Collaros with his history of concussions was re-injured, and Suitor, Dunnigan and especially Burris made repeated and impassioned comments about the play, and about Lawrence. Perfect storm as it were.

If the league is genuine in its stated goal of reducing head hits, that play on Adams merits no less than the maximum fine, and, preferably, at least a one game suspension.

Khari said in his post-game that he thought CFL command-control (or whatever it’s called) was delaying to see if they should call “spearing” on this hit. It’s odd that twice on Thursday night, Argonaut defenders got called for spearing. Spearing used to be defined as hitting the ball carrier when he’s down on the ground (already been tackled). Although the Bomber ball carriers were being held up, they were not down, when hit by the Argos who drew the spearing penalties. Adams was clearly on his butt when he clearly took a shot in the back of the head. Clearly terrible inconsistency in CFL officiating, fines, and suspensions again.

Then again, this Tavai guy is just another cheap shot artist on the Redblack defense and not a star Tiger Cat linebacker playing on the East-leading team that the league hates.

This was not that bad of a hit. Adams was on the way down and there wasn’t helmet to helmet contact. Maybe a fine for optics but not a bad hit .

If no helmet to helmet contact, why the concussion protocol and provisional concussion diagnosis?

Any video ?

Saw replay ,need to see again

It was bad IMO !

Go to the 3:56 to 4:01 mark on the game highlights video .

Thanks Bobo…

Saw another lower angle ,looked worse…

That play was cringeworthy regardless of all the points in your paragraph. No way it would pass the eye test for anybody if all the jerseys were removed from the equation.

Simoni is a good guy. He just needed to own it and learn from it.

Absolutely agree Krisiun, just saying a number of factors came together that forced the league to take some definitive action with Simoni. I’m just wondering if last night’s hit will draw the same scrutiny and discipline.

Right. And also because Simoni left his feet and altered his trajectory to hit a QB in the head with his shoulder pad at full force, after the QB had gone into a slide which means he is not allowed to be hit at all. (Arguably more important than all the factors you mentioned combined.)

Tavai looks like he is trying to head a soccer ball. The hit would feel worse because it was from the back and Adams couldn’t even brace for it.

It is discipline worthy but is it as bad as the Simoni hit?

The question moving forward is should the league’s discipline for intent to injure be exactly the same for all these types of plays regardless of the extent of the injury?

Kind of odd the “eye in the sky” didn’t catch this. Just like it didn’t catch the time out on Thursday night.

The no call head shot by Tavai on Adams last night was BS BS BS BS. I’ll say it again BS! Yes BS! And only 4 possible reasons for it being ignored. 1. Some of the game officials are blind. 2. Nearest official to the hit is blind. 3. None of the game officials were wearing their eyeglasses yesterday. My pick>> 4. The overall quality of officiating in the CFL is biased and pathetic.

Only a helmet can cause a concussion?

Helmet, knee, elbow, forearm or shoulder pad.

To me, Tavai led with his helmet, not his knee, elbow, forearm or shoulder pad, so that is what I saw causing Adams’ injury. I’m not excusing Simoni, or claiming an anti-Hamilton conspiracy, just saying it was an illegal, probably preventable hit. Up to the league to fish or cut bait.