:D :cowboy: :rockin:

Well Folks- I missed some of you too. Seems the site dismantled me as TURKEYBEND some time ago and I was never able to get back on ,but, with the frost on the pumpkin, my time served in PURGATORY SERVED, and, most importantly, the Riders dominating again, I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin:
Gosh, B.C. fans, :oops: - how the mighty have fallen.
Riders Rule again. Man that feels good saying that again. :cowboy:

Now, for 5440 and others that need to go back to football kindergarten, visiting teams do not fare well at majestic Mosiac / Terrifying Taylor Stadium. Rider Fans are in a League of OUr Own regarding unnerving opposition players. How many offsides, illegal procedures and other mishaps did the B.C. Pussycats committ? Yes, I lost count too!
Now, Mr. Dressler deserves some accolades- may be the most underrated player and classiest in the league. And, to play like that after a death in the family - well - this old turkey had a tear or two. :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:
Now, Mr. Durrand deserves some dressing for Thanksgiving too- Calm, cool - the true general at QB. in the league. Well done! :thup: :thup: :thup:
As for the West Coast Pussycats- maybe the Lions took their muncipal leaders in B.C. to heart after they passed a resolution
to decrimalize marijuanna (west coast wacky tobaccy) last week in Victoria at their AGM hoping to tax growers for more revenue. Only in Lotus Land where the rain, pot and low i.q. conversation fries the brain ( e.g. 5440). Lulay looked looped most of the night, as did many of his teammates, with his eyes gazing to the stars and oddly pointing fingers in all directions during the game.
Simple Simon and Arland Bruce the Turd maybe indulged before gametime as they both got rocked by the stellar Rider 'D'! :lol:
So, in summary, 5440 and other misguided B.C. Pussycat fans who actually believe the Lions are legit this year- YOU ALL need to get out your old tape decks, records and play some classic country songs to put things into perspective: HERE ARE SOME SUGGESTED CLASSIC TUNES TO MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER CUZ THE NEXT 5 GAMES ARE GONNA BE TRYING TO SAY THE LEAST! :cowboy:

  1. Turn out the lights, the party's over!!
  2. Drop kick me through the goal post of life - Sweet Jaysus.
  3. Or better yet- forget about this football season lions fans and concentrate on this country classic- 'THE GIRLS GET BETTER LOOKIN' AT CLOSING TIME' (so true!)

AND, DID I SAY RIDERS RULE, RIDERS RULE, RIDERS RULE AGAIN1111 :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :rockin: :cowboy: :thup: 8) :lol:

...holey moley, how did you find the keys to get out?!


It can't be!

Excellent news; out of sudden darknessā€¦ the Turkeybend has arrived. :rockin:

Beat the Stamps without the referees handing it to you, then you can gloat. 'Til then, the Riders rule nothing and like it.

please.... get real.

[i]Can yous beleive it?!!??!! In the same week, Senior ah me AND the Turkeybender come back from the dead and post on these forums!!!!!!!!

Now if we could only get back that lady who worked the sidelines at games a few years ago, but was fired because she was too sexy... What was her name? Anyway, bring her back! Bring her front to... [/i]

yeah but, how do we know its really you :wink:

maybe you are just pretending to be you :slight_smile:

I think maybe we need to call in CSI on this. Would you volunteer your fingerprints and DNA, or do we need a warrent. Rider fans do know what DNA is, yes? :stuck_out_tongue:

Man I can hardly wait for the power rankings....... :rockin: :rockin: :cowboy:

Ummmm.... you mean the ones that Turkey will call...

  1. Sask
    2, Sask
  2. Sask
  3. Sask
  4. Sask
  5. Sask
  6. Sask
  7. Wait.... there are other teams in the universe? :slight_smile:

well so much for the peace and quiet

I don't know. I think this may be a Turkeybend imposter. If you are the real deal TB - welcome back.

It certainly has all the requisite smileys, capitalizations, misspelling, homerism, and playful shots at other teams, might just be him. I think we might need jm02's forensic abilities on this one but on first glance I would say its him.

Haha the mystery of it all. Could it really be TB :cowboy:

After re-reading TB's post I have to concur that indeed this is the return of TB. His aggravating style could not possibly be duplicated. Welcome back TB :smiley:

I believe this is him, as I had the same issues of being locked out of my account, so have had to create a few different ones to keep posting here.

Turkeybend?! :o I thought I was hungover, but apparently I'm still drunk.

Yep, we know what DNA is, but we're not quite sure what a Warrent is.

its a war on rent of course.

I have heard many tales on this forum of this man's legend, but I do not know much of his exploits yet.

When the CFL season is over, rumour has it that he returns to the wild where in the winter he thrives in the cold with only the occasional use of a campfire.

At times he has been mistaken for Sasquatch I am told.

I'm looking forward to what is to come even though he is a fan of those Roughriders.

Lol, yes the TB Power Rankings. Looks like you got the order correct :wink: