What does one say after a game like this one this late in the season. This team continues to make training camp mistakes.
Lets be clear. If Anderson is allowed to return with his stupid, selfish attitude, we'll lose fans.
If the dumb penalties continue, (Illegal substitutions, off sides, too many men on the field, ineligible receivers etc., we'll lose fans. Whats with Jason Armstead, trying once again to run a kick out of the end zone rather than forfeiting the single point? Is ANYONE coaching this guy? Does he even possess the intelligence to understand that what he is doing is dead wrong? If he does, cut him now! If he doesn't, get rid of the coach! For the life of me, I can't understand why he was allowed back on the field after this latest mistake, he should have been placed on a plane and sent home immediately.

Mistakes can be tolerated in any game, but these mistakes are so basic, a child could understand them, and indeed my grand daughter is posing a lot of questions about today's fiasco and I find that I can't answer her or provide her with any hope for the future.

Bauman has become the latest Peterson as a pass receiver. He drops ball after ball, steps out of bounds and than returns to the field of play to receive a long pass which was, of course, over ruled by the officials. Naturally, if we cut this guy, he'll be back to haunt us next year as a vastly improved player just like Peterson. Damned if you do and damned if you don't!

We had five turn overs today and two of these were on downs. Unforgivable!

I don't know what the answer is for this team to obtain some degree of success, but then, I'm not being paid to know. It seems to me that the people who are being paid to know don't know the answer either.

While I don't think we should blow this team up again as we did following last season, I would take a very long hard look at our coaching staff, because I firmly believe that most of our problems lie with them and some of our upper management.

We need to do some player personnel tweaking, but it may be time to address these other matters as well.

I would guess that season ticket sales will show a significant reduction next season, since this team can't hold up a shred of hope for the fans to cling to. I just hope that Mr. Young doesn't get frustrated to the point that he decides to get out of this mess.