Q to Ticat fans:Looking 4 a Ham bar that offers bus to game?

To all you Cat fans. I am looking for a bar that provides bus transportation to and from the game. The bar I used last year may not provide anymore.
Thanks tommytiger

Not sure about Bars that offer bus trips but if you have your game ticket HSR has free bus rides to the games.

Check Frisco’s on the mountain or maybe squires on the mountain. they used to.

Isn't it a shame that more bars haven't gotten on board with party buses to the games.

I mean with Philthy's, Hooters, Turtle Jacks, Hess Village, and Tailgates, you'd think the Cats would offer some prize packages to these places and ticket deals if they organize pre and post game parties at their establishment.

Transportation to and from the game including ticket $20.00. Yes it would be an endzone ticket but who cares it'l be a party and good promo for the game.

I know Philthy's in Toronto and Hooters in Calgary offer similar deals.

"The Lucky Clover" on Centenial did it last year. But they may not do it this year.
My family had a great time taking the fan bus.
It was definately the fastest way to get away from the stadium after the game.

I'm looking for some input regarding this topic. What would you look for from a bar that would provided this service i.e. game ticket, trip to game, ect.

Some questions to consider:

What kind of ticket (location in stadium)?
Food included or to be purchased before or after at the location?
One-way or two-way bus trip?
Just weekend games or every game?

Please feel free an throw some ideas around.

Round-trip ticket.
Post-game discounts/giveaways.
All games.
I'm not worried about the stadium seats, as I have season tickets.

Ok K.W. here is 2 cents worth plus about 1/2 an hour or more of thought and typing, that hadn’t better be deleted or locked when I hit the SUBMIT button :>)))

Lets look at it from a couple of different perspectives

#1 From there prespective of the bar. They are in business to make money. There has to be a reason for the bar to go to the effort. If I were the owner these are a few things that I would be looking for.

a) a discount on the cost of the tickets that will help me add value for my patron.
b) the patron to attend the bar prior to game time and hopefully quaff a pilsner or two and have some food.
c) a limited number of free givaways (5-10 t-shirts/Argos Slurpee buttons or the like) that can be raffled (or just drawn for) lets say 1/2-1 hour prior to barding the bus.
d) the Ticats to help organize a reduction in the cost of arranging a bus through the HSR.
e) definately a two way ride as I would hope that once the game is over that I would have a busload of hungry and thirsty patrons coming back to my bar.
f) in setting my price ($20-25) I would look at the lower priced tickets, not necessarily endzone but perhaps the next level or two up. I would add value to the cost of the ticket with a beverage included before the game and a beverage after the game.
g) a different area other than the east and west gates for the buses to congregate. Perhaps even have the HSR eat up a lane on King St. or Main St…

#2 From the consumers perspective.

a) be able to get to the game without having to find a parking spot and then walk 10-25 minutes to get to the stadium.
b) be able to sit with others at the stadium that I may already know or will get to know if I I continue to use the bars service.
c) get good value for my money. Assume the cost is $25 per ticket from the bar. I get a $20 ticket that the Cats discounted to $16-$17, add in a $2-$3 per head HSR cost, two $8 each Stadium beers reduced to $2.50 each at the bar. The bar would then have a cost of $23-25 per ticket but more importantly I would have a ready place to stay at and digress about the awesome domination of the TigerCats or what it was this time that caused the WussyCats to fail … penalties … bad calls … dropped balls etc.
d) I might win a T-shirt or some other Ticat related item. BTW K.W. T-shirts with a TigerCat logo on them. Not just TigerCat sponsors on them. Those are cheesie.
e) A free bottle of 500ml 17 cent water to take in the stadium.

I am sure that there are many more on both sides. I alos have to agree with the post that snuck in before me. I have 4 season tickets already so my cost from the bar would have to be $7.50-ish.

Our good friends at the Endzone Sport Bar & Grill are offering a great new promo! For $30 you will receive a Ticats t-shirt, wings and beer before the game, a ticket and bus transportation to and from the game. This is Hamilton's newest state of the art sports bar! This is a super deal as the tickets are $25 seats. Seats are selling quickly so if you would like more information or to book your seat please call Grant or Greg at the Endzone, 905-545-5922

Where is the Endzone Sport Bar and Grill located?

It's in the Barn plaza at King and Rosedale (used to be Cricket's Eatery, but has since expanded).

The endzone also sponsors the tigercats, they are located at king and rosedale the endzone just opened great place to go after the games or before the games ,but only for $30.00 you'll resceive a endzone tailgate shirt and cocktails and wings before the game and bus transportation.call grant or greg for more deatails 905-545-59-22