Q and A with Casey Printers

Here is a little something I pulled off the KC Chiefs web page from everyone's favorite quarterback. ..

what's that?

Lets try that again, it's first thing in the morning and I'm still trying to figure out where I'm at...

Q: How did practice go today?

PRINTERS: “It’s been going pretty good. Brodie (Croyle) and I are getting a good grasp of the offense and Coach Terry Shea is giving us all the support that we need. We know we’re going to come out and make mistakes, but the bottom line is that we come out and learn from our mistakes and keep growing.�

Q: What do you bring to the Chiefs?

PRINTERS: “I’m an exciting kind of guy. I get out there and show a lot of emotion when I play. I’m going to bring a lot of motivation and athleticism, a strong arm and a willingness to get out there and scrap with an opposing team. All those credentials are what I can bring.�

Q: What made you want to sign with the Chiefs as opposed to other team?

PRINTERS: “Just opportunity. Detroit was going through a transition phase with their coaches and their whole coaching staff. Here everybody is pretty stable and Coach Herm Edwards was coming in. I talked to Aaron Glenn about him, who plays for the Dallas Cowboys, and he gave me the heads up and gave me the thumbs up about him and told me that it would be a good fit. That was it and I just came and I’m trying to make the best of it.�

Q: How did the CFL prepare you for the NFL?

PRINTERS: “Well it definitely prepared me for this because in the CFL you have five receivers going out on every play. Here it’s kind of similar and we were running the same kind of stuff up there. It prepared me a bunch. I was able to play a bunch up there and I’m just prepared for the opportunity when it’s given.�

Q: What are your expectations here?

PRINTERS: “My expectations are that whenever I get the opportunity to play to go in there and be productive and make things happen and to give this team a spark. Whenever that opportunity presents itself I’ll be ready.�

Q: Do you get excited when you think about this offense and all of its weapons?

PRINTERS: “Absolutely. There is no better offense in the NFL. I’m elated at the opportunity to being working with guys like Larry Johnson, Priest Holmes and Trent Green for that matter and the great offensive line that we have here. It’s a quarterbacks dream and that’s what we’re looking forward to, Brodie and I. We’re just going to take this thing in stride and keep trying to get better.�

Q: Are you getting to know Brodie Croyle very well?

PRINTERS: “We had the same college coach at one time – Coach Dennis Franchione. We shared a couple of stories about that. From that standpoint I know him, because I know his pain.�

Q: Is the playbook here with the Chiefs even bigger than what you used in the CFL?

PRINTERS: “We had a pretty big play book in Canada and we added and installed plays everyday. So I’m pretty accustomed to figuring out offenses. When I was in college I had four offensive coordinators in four years so I have a pretty good grasp of what’s going on with the offense and I understand where to throw the ball. But still there are some mistakes being made that I have to correct.�

Q: What’s your initial impression of Herm Edwards?

PRINTERS: “He’s a fiery competitor who wants things done right. He requires excellence and you shouldn’t want to play for a better guy than a guy that wants the best for you and the best for the team.�

Q: So do you feel that you have to make a good first impression before the veterans come in?

PRINTERS: “I think that the first impression was already given. Right now it’s just trying to get better every day. I’m not sure what his first impression was, but hopefully it was good. It’s just one of those things where you have to come back and keep working hard every day.�

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Q: Is the playbook here with the Chiefs even bigger than what you used in the CFL?

what kinda of question is that? the CFL playbook is going to be bigger than the NFL's because the field is bigger!

Kanga that Statement / logic makes no sense. You complain that other posters jump over you regarding comments, well, there is another example where you make a statement with no basis of fact at all!

The NFL have some coaches that are very technical. I'm even willing to bet that even among themselves some teams have bigger playbooks than others. If you want the other posters to lay off of you and give you some respect, you have to stop blurting out ridiculous statements like that.

C'mon Sportsmen, haven't you seen the playbook for Elephant Polo? Freaking Huge, to go along with their field!

I always felt sorry for the guys who had to clean up the field at halftime at those games...... the field wasn't the only thing that was freakin' huge...