Q&A with Commissioner Ambrosie

Just trying to put some ideas out there.

I'm disappointed in the CFL that Dave Dickenson and June Jones had to throw out, let alone lose their Challenge Flags due to; One Challenge lost to prove an out of bounds call, and the other Challenge to prove a touchdown was scored. Two Ref mess haps because of the Command Centre's WEAK power to overturn those calls and no loss of a Challenge Flag. Why did that happen?

Maybe he wants to get rid of all challenges, but I thought any. Scoring play was automatically reviewed, that’s what I don’t get about it

Really impressed with Ambrosie . I hope he reveals his broad plans during Grey Cup week to the fans . He is very diplomatic and open to discussion on various matters .

The kids app CFL computer game was suggested on this site as well as many other ideas that they are using like flag football which was suggested here last year. The CFL is listening to the fan and that is an encouraging sign .

Love that Nissan is building football in Canada they are not getting enough exposure Advertisement during the games and needs to be corrected unless you go to the CFL site you would never know there involvement in youth football. Nissan/CFL and TSN should wave the flag while broadcasting they are a good active partner to Canadian football interests and should be promoted better .

The touchdown play called incomplete pass in end zone - June Jones used his Challenge Flag to prove that the receiver survived contact therefore touchdown. No automatic review as the play called incomplete. The out of bounds play called a completed pass - Dave Dickenson used his Challenge Flag to prove a complete blown call by the Ref, where all of TV viewers seen receiver clearly out of bounds. All swept under the rug, perhaps the CFL could have commented on both calls to improve these kind of calls. CFL wrote the rule as IC and PI, not lose your flag to prove 2 Referee blown calls. That's the way I feel ed ohmes.

Yes if they have to waste their challenge to correct a blown call then they should not lose that challenge, Because it was done to correct the call, but you also have to realize the ref’s don’t have iPads on the sidelines like the coaches so it can get back to where it was if they don’t control it. I think just for those plays in the scoring zone like you said.

The problem is the pass was called incomplete in the end, so to me that’s a scoring play. It should be reviewed or the challenge not lost if the coach proves it’s the wrong call. Something like that,

As soon as you start giving back challenges we start creeping back towards the lunacy that caused the league to limit them to 1.

Coaches DO NOT NEED a challenge flag. Give the on field official the right to ask for a review on black and white calls; in/out of bounds, cross/did not cross the goal line, down by contact, ball hit the ground on a catch and let the officials officiate the game.

Rugby gives the power to the official not the coach, when did we decide that the coaches (who have a bias in every call) are more suited to determine when a call should be reviewed than the on field official (who has no bias).

When listening to the Q and A someone brought up womens world rugby and the review with the command centre on TV . Which was done very professional if TSN cannot do this then they must be low budget as one can go; this is not exactly costly or difficult .

This is from a Facebook question but this was brought up on this board as well last year .There was the exact same reference . Coincidence most likely but it’s great to see.

The Q and A were all relevant to this board . I have to say I like it . Well done CFL ! The football talk on this board is actually working .

Fix video review this off season and I'll believe this.