Q&A with Commissioner Ambrosie

Great read here on Expansion, Canadian QB’s, Attendance,etc.

Good article. I've said before, talk is cheap and that's where previous commissioners have proven themselves nothing more than corporate lackeys. They talk about the issues but never discuss any solutions or what they are even looking at. Orridge was one of the worst for that double talk BS.

Ambrosie is not only talking the issues, but he's talking possible solutions, talking about what he's doing to get the process started, in other words he's actually doing something when he's not talking.

Talk ischeap and fan patience is incredibly thin so he need to get something done in the off season to win back some faith in the league. Hope he follows through because he sounds like we finally got a commissioner who really does give a damn about the league.

I don't think this will be a problem. The plan is far-reaching and frankly I'm a little exhausted just looking at it.

I had zero expectation that any commissioner would do anything positive for the league and Orridge was the worst by far. The commissioner and owners have been happy to watch the league slowly erode over the last 20 years. That's the impression they left me with. Ambrosie at least has me optimistic enough to believe he will try to make changes.

Lengthy article & it makes no mention of the need to fix replay and prevent incorrect command centre decisions?

I would certainly consider that a priority over expansion to Halifax.

League owners and the commish seem to think that fielding players and turning on the lights at a stadium should be enough.
They don't seem to know how to create sizzle that goes with the steak.
When a fan suggests how to improve in this area, we are dismissed , like 'what do you know, you're just a fan?'.
What I do know is, my interest in this league is lower than ever, and judging by the tv ratings and attendance, I'm not the only one.
The product is stale.

Video review, unnecessary rules (illegal contact on a receiver), unfair rules (contact is never initiated by the receiver?), lack of consistent game times and a playoff system and seeding that rewards geography over performance.

I am watching less than I have in decades. I only PVR Argo games and I have turned off at least 7 or 8 games this year because of video review. Last year I stopped watching after week 3 or 4 and didn't watch another game all year including the Grey Cup. The only Grey Cup I have not seen since 1974. I am becoming less interested every year.

The product is the opposite of stale to me, it's been a great year, close games and fantastic plays. I love the league, it's great.

Can't wait for the playoffs to begin! Cheering for the Argos to win, grew up with them as my favourite team and they are my team to win the Cup this year!

The new commish listens and I like the way the comes across, smart and not afraid to speak his mind.

I'd consider tuning in to the November 3rd game (MTL @ HAM). Now that the commissioner announced it last night, I can mention that we've run a line from CFL HQ to Tim Hortons Field so folks there can see exactly what the replay official is seeing / doing during a review. It's an experiment to see how that greater transparency helps.

Will this be available online, on the TSN broadcast or both? Sounds interesting. It should address 1 problem I have wanted to see corrected for a long time now; knowing exactly what the video review decision is, especially when it means the difference between inconclusive and supporting the on field call.

I missed it...what exactly did he announce?

Ah heck, sorry - I just asked the Football Ops guys and the replay official stream won't be sent over to TSN (I think that's more of a technical hurdle than not wanting it displayed). I guess that view'll be in stadium only. I'll ask after that now as I'm curious.

On November 3rd, we'll be experimenting with displaying the replay official's screen as they review a play on the Tim Hortons Field jumbotron. More transparency etc etc.

Thanks for the reply Sully. On that topic and since this is a thread about the commish, one of the changes I would like to see with Video Review is the officials announce the CCs decision; support the call, reverse the call, video inconclusive. To just say call on the filed stands does not tell whether they support the call or feel the video is inconclusive.


I am happy, yet sad about this pilot project.

Happy to see that the league is open to taking a nod from the Arena Football League and making the Command Centre process more open and transparent.

Sad to see that it will only be in-stadium. The feed should somehow be provided either to TSN, or streamed on YouTube to gauge the public's response/feedback. I think the fans watching on TV would especially love to see behind the scenes too.

Good luck and hoping for a full rollout of this to stadiums and tv broadcasts.

Why aren’t we thinking of going back to Sunday games , that used to pack in 40 to 50,000 in the old days. I think they should put more Sunday games after labour day and see how that goes for 5 or 10 years,. Maybe these week day games are hard to get to for lots of peoples.??????????/

I think it's largely for TV reasons. Since TSN owns rights to both the CFL and the NFL (and the NFL is not going to change from Sundays for TSN), they don't want their NFL and CFL broadcasts competing with one another.

At least have some set times for games like the NFL. We have FNF but why not have some set times for other games. Saturday night would be perfect up until the NHL starts. It could even be a double header with a late afternoon Saturday game. I know they can't be as rigid as the NFL do to the cross over with the start of NFL and NHL seasons but the more games throughout the season that people could count on every week might help attract fans.

I wouldn’t concern myself with the nfl, back in the day when the CBC ran the league, they didn’t worry about the nfl. That is only. Tsn wanting to program games because of the nfl. I think someone should take a hard look at when they stopped the Sunday afternoon games and why. Is it tsn, trying to bring more nfl or was it cbc promoting cfl more in the old days. ? Perhaps there’s answers in there as to why there’s a drop off in attendance., especially after labour day. Because the nfl doesn’t really get interesting until after the cfl is done, and then everyone can watch it from there. That’s how I would look at promoting the cfl first, remember this is Canada, not the u.s.a.

If he spearheads plans and they work out great.

He is putting the effort in . ( unlike that other guy, who just showed up to get paid ).

I am just glad they dropped those stupid mic up games.

I think it's more of a scheduling conflict that afraid of direct competition. They have NFL football which makes it tough to squeeze in another sport on a national broadcast and you don't CFL games going out to just part of the country.