Pyramiding rule

I have never heard of such a ridiculous rule whatever happened to in the olden days guys would leap over others to block punts/field goals now you can’t do that at all definite head scratcher

The idea is to stop players from lifting or boosting teammates into the air.

Not exactly how they appear to be interpreting the rule this week, however

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The difference THIS week was that Edmonton players were getting other players to invest in a fraudulent system of making money based on recruiting an ever-increasing number of "investors."

They were bound to get caught sooner or later.


It's another way refereeing can determine the outcome of the game apparently......

They league managed to screw up two games that way with no review, just let the league pick a winner before we start next week and we won't even need to play the game.....

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Hamilton fans started a similar thread. A lot of viewers including myself were wondering what the refs were thinking. It looked like even the guys up in the broadcast booth were unsure of what was going on.

all the players have to do is keep their hands off other players when they jump.

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All the refs have to do is keep their flags in their pants until there is an actual reason to whip them out


You tell 'em. Those raincoat wearing weirdo's had BETTER keep it in their pants. :laughing:

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not if the people in charge of the rules say the flags should be thrown.

If that is what the league is dictating then the CFL is in even more trouble than we realize.

When fans of the WINNING team are beaking about a call that helped them, its time to take notice

It's not a new rule at all but the enforcement of it this week was a bit of a head scratcher. Appeared to be pretty minor infractions of it if any.

I think that makes 3 pyramiding calls in the last two weeks. And before that, I can't recall having seen that penalty called.

Did the league suddenly send out a memo to refs to start looking for this infraction?
If so, why?



the recent calls were at best questionable. But as to your question the rule was designed to stop players using teammates as spring boards enabling 10 foot leaps into the air.
Certainly clarification is needed to the teams AND the refs.


According to the announcers, the rule also applies if you are using players from the other team to boost yourself into the air. I think originally the rule only applied to own teammates. The NFL has a similar rule and I see it called there from time to time. I can’t recall the last time I saw it called in a CFL game before recently. The problem with the recent calls is that they didn’t appear to be violations of the rule. A real head scratcher.


I think the argument could ne made that the flag came out for the use of an opposing player to gain height or speed advantage by pushing off them to gain height or speed???
Going by what the announcers were saying in the cfl games and by what i have read and heard about the rule in the NFL

Even so, the one last night was pretty borderline. Looked more like a straight up athletic play to me. He went through the line, not vertical

looked to also slightly push off the backs of at least one player too...and that is in the rule.
Just as the offside call with one fingernail over the line... glad am NOT a ref on some of these calls

just another example of pathetic reffing in the CFL.

Every team had and will continue to have the same good and bad refs... Losing undisciplined teams are getting more flags for good reason... I include my riders in this by the way... Good teams get less flags and seldom are seen complaining about it.

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This strange new focus on pyramiding by the refs is probably part of the CFL's effort to increase scoring. By interpreting the rule literally rather than how it was intended now every time a defender jumps and contact is made with a blocker with an arm or leg they can call a penalty which gives the kicking team another chance at scoring a TD rather than settling for a FG.

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