Pyramid Penalty

Not sure what the CFL rule book says, but I recall reading that Pyramiding is illegal when climbing on teammates when trying to block a kick Not when trying to shed the kicking teams blockers ! Anyone know the text of the rule ?

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I looked this up after I came back from the game last night (after that BS call).

Using the body of another player or the goal post assembly in any way to gain or maintain elevation or jump over the line in an attempt to block a field goal or a convert attempt.


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its not teammates. It another player or goalpost. To me the call was right

Article 5 — Pyramiding

Using the body of another player or the goal post assembly in any way to gain or maintain elevation or jump over the line in an attempt to block a field goal or a convert attempt.

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The replay last night showed the opposing player had lifted him up incidentally because of a awkward blocking motion as he came fully to his feet from his stance ; the Cat player just jumped up high but towards the line as they are suppose to .

It is a football move they are suppose to jump high to stop a low kick .

As far as I know jumping high near the scrimmage is not a penalty .

The talking heads doing the PBP and colour pointed it out it was not a penalty at the time .

They never corrected their view thru the broadcast .

Was there another angle showing differently last night that shows he jumped on top of another players shoulders or arse to gain height .

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he had his hand on the opposing player shoulder as he was going up the last foot or so. That is all it takes to earn the penalty, intentional or not

It's a ticky tack call on an unblocked kick .


maybe didnt have to be called, but it was legit.

I'd like that rule to be clarified before next season. The rule should state something like no stepping on other players. Guys use their hands on the opposing players on every play.


works for me

What I would like to see trimmed and clarified is the roughing the passer. Too many times it is called when uncalled for. The one against bc that allowed Cal to keep the ball and get a td was just assinine.


Going to try and keep this brief

That call is very clear .
You may not use a teamate to gain an advantage and or use an opposition players body or eqipment to gain said advantage.
The call was a bad call as ticat was jumping with no gain in levetage .
Once je jumpef 2 argos tried to flip him
He put hands out to protect himself and ref decided to throw flag.
It became an opinion call and it was wrong.

There were too many bad calls to count from this crew AGAIN
The roughing the qb call against the cats giving the argos new set of downs and a td was brutal
The timing of hit was apparrently not the issue but taking him to ground was????
This was gentle compared to other calls.
Head ref called the penalty so no chance of overturning it ad then he would be admitting he was wrong.
I will say it again tbis is an emotional sport and if you jave never played a rough contact sport where emotions are always running high.
Hockey /football / lacrosse are some examples.
Then how can you make any judgement calls on a plauers intent


What about the face mask non-call on Shiltz? The ref was 10 ft away and didn't see it?
At least the command centre called it right, but shouldn't be up to them

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Mtn cat
My thumb was too sore to keep going or would have mentioned that call as well
I was trying to just point out that # 60 and his crew are not fit to be on the field when they keep making same bad calls week after week
Then some people try and justify the calls in whatever reasoning they pull from their ass.

I would love to know why we look and are having to put up with 2nd class officials when i paid 1st class money for 6 sesson tickets.

I would hope the CFL has a plan to maybe groom or try and attract officials that have played the game and want to still be a part of it.

The league should put some sort of recruiting and then teach a consistent way of calling penalties.

The game the other night was an embarrasment so SAD

I will pay 10 % more for tickets if i know its going to such a program

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it has been established a number of times over the years that NFL refs are no better.

First off I never in my comment mentioned anything about the NFL officials.
I care about our game and our officials.

They are terrible and that is it.

Secondly you say its been established over the years ......

What was established ?
Is there a study out ? I would love to read it.

Who did it?

I am not here to find ways we can improve the game we love....
Most improvements are fan initiated

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Not here to improve ...sorry yes here to find ways to improve

a number of times links have been posted to where NFL fans are complaining and ref bashing just as much as CFL fans. Same with fans of other leagues and sports

and my point is that cfl refs are not as inferior as many seem to think or say they are

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Another pyramiding call in final minutes of the SSK-EDM game tonight effectively ended the game for EDM. Like last night, the player’s hands made incidental contact with an opponent and did not assist him in his jump.

Suitor could talk about nothing else for the rest of the game. It’s like the decades of stupid calls have finally made him say enough is enough.

TSN is trying to sell a product and doesn’t want to see its entertainment value diminished. Referees, on the other hand, appear to be trying to establish themselves as the dominant stakeholder in games with the power to determine outcomes on a whim. CFL needs to rein them in.


How's about some common sense from the officials . Did the "jumper" affect the kick ? The answer is NO . Because someone jumps do you automatically throw the flag ?


Do you think maybe it’s got something to do with betting on games now?

(My conspiracy theory😝)

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