PVR or live

Live… And PVR to watch again later. It’s amazing what you can pick up watching a second time later… Once you know the results, you watch the game differently.

On another note, viewers should not discount the importance of advertising revenues. Ultimately, television stations use these advertising revenues to secure exclusive rights just like TSN does. And the main benefactor of these revenues is the CFL TEAMS. I believe the new television deal the CFL has secured with TSN will put $4 million extra revenue per team per year in the new 9 team league. That’s huge!

So I for one will watch the Wendy’s add once or twice, and put up with it…

Football fans all over Canada will be watching the NFL on Sunday ?

[url=http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/eh-game/great-canadian-ratings-report-cfl-knocks-off-hockey-220529504.html]http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/eh-gam ... 29504.html[/url]
  1. CFL, West Division final, Sunday, TSN: 1,900,000

  2. NHL, Sabres-Leafs/Rangers-Habs, Saturday, CBC: 1,888,000

  3. CFL, East Division final, Sunday, TSN: 1,700,000

  4. NHL, Oilers at Flames, Saturday, CBC: 947,000

  5. NHL, Leafs at Sabres, Friday, Sportsnet Ontario: 695,000

  6. NFL, Chiefs at Broncos, Sunday, TSN: 579,000 (NBC audience not calculated)

  7. NFL, Patriots at Panthers, Monday, TSN: 579,000

  8. NFL, 1 p.m. games, Sunday, CTV: 399,000 (I should note that this is combined ratings)

  9. Figure skating, ISU Grand Prix, Saturday, CBC: 391,000

  10. Curling, Grand Slam quarterfinal, Saturday, CBC: 384,000

  11. NHL, Sharks at Oilers, Friday, TSN: 373,000

  12. NFL, Colts at Titans, Thursday, Sportsnet: 364,000

  13. Curling, Grand Slam final, Sunday, CBC: 353,000

  14. Curling, Grand Slam semifinal, Saturday, Sportsnet: 288,000

  15. Curling, Grand Slam quarterfinal, Saturday, Sportsnet: 277,000

  16. NFL, 49ers at Saints, Sunday, Citytv: 271,000

  17. UFC, 167 preliminaries, Saturday, Sportsnet 360: 222,000

  18. Curling, Grand Slam, Friday, Sportsnet: 204,000

  19. NFL, 4 p.m. games, Sunday, Sportsnet: 162,000

Exactly my thoughts as well. Yes, seeing the same ad multiple times is very annoying, but if that's what the advertisers are wanting to pay TSN to do, allowing TSN to broadcast every CFL game, I don't have a problem with it, even if it does leave me with a few sound bites from the ads running through my head. (And that's the point, I guess.)

Live is best for me.