PVR or live

The games seem to be getting longer. It seems like there are more and more commercials. There are more and more of the SAME commercial being played at least 10 times per half.
Is any one going to watch the game live from home.
If any one is at the game, let us know the wait times between games. I've heard they're getting worse.

It has gotten bad this year to the point where we are missing plays. What I do is give the game a 30 to 45 minute head start and then watch on the PVR and blow through the commericals. Save an hour of my day and can slow mo anything I want.

I meant wait times between plays. I couldn't find edit .

The other option is TSN VOD, no commercials.

That's not live.

…the best method is to round up 23 friends, everyone wears AM radios on their belt, get a football and head to the park…then while listening to your local sports station you re-enact the game as it unfolds…

I do the same thing.

And that's as close as I get nowadays to watching live TV. Anything I want to watch, I PVR and then watch at my leisure, skipping the comercials.

If I were paying to advertise my product on TV, I'd be following this trend closely.

Yea, but they don't. I hate Wendy's now.I hate their freakin' pub chicken burger, and I hate their freakin' pretzel burger and I haven't even tried one yet. Over and over and over again. The only good thing about the advertising this year is that Rona is out as a sponsor.

Definitely PVR… What were they doing scheduling a CFL playoff game on a Sunday at 1:pm? Football fans all over Canada will be watching the NFL on Sunday. It's PVR for me and all of my football buddy's. Sorry CFL but you dropped the ball on this one again. These games should be played on Saturday.

PVR Not only will I not have to watch the commercials but I can fast forward through those awkward long close up's they do on players on the sidelines after they make a good play. And I have to admit Sunday me and all my friends go out to watch NFL.

I watch the game live and the only thing I care about is the quality of the plays. refs errors, commentators dumbness, and broadcast flaws don't matter in the big picture.

I always try to watch live, and I chat about the game, at least the Ticats games, on the forum. I also record the games but only so I can watch it again later - and in case something keeps me from watching.

That said, I would prefer not having to watch commercials, and tend to use the breaks to head to the kitchen for more food and beer.

At minimum, I always mute out commercials at live games. I don't look at them and, don't hear them. I would support an expensive Pay TV, non commercial game to watch. I learned sometime early in the year that a TV set that could edit out commercials might be coming to market . However, we do live in a capitalistic society with all its commercial crap. A Winston Churchill did say something like- " Capitalism is a terrible system but, its preferable to the others!"

PVR Locked and loaded… Now off to watch some NFL at the pub with the boys.

Yes, don't you just hate that! what is it with TSN with the camera in the face of the player that scores the TD - before and after the commercial, just move on already.

I thought it was just me but they have been focusing the camera for way way to long on at the players after a big play. The poor guys must feel uncomfortable after the first 20 or 30 seconds. It only takes 2 seconds to say "Hi Mom"

I started the game at 11 AM with the pre game and it worked out "practically perfect in every way"(as Mary Poppins used to say). We didn't have to watch the same Wendy's commercial over 20 times per half.

Speak for yourself.

Live. More exciting

OK Mr Kus you go watch the NFL with your douchebag friends that dont even understand football beyond their pool and fantasy leagues. When you get older and grow up, you will watch the CFL with the other grown ups. The CFL tryed to play its games on Saturday in 2008. It failed and they went back to Sundays the next season.
I watch the NFL too. After the Grey Cup is over. That way I dont waste my time watching teams like Baltimore and Kansas City. I follow the league enough to get the general gist of what is going on and by the time Grey Cup is over, I know what 5 or 6 teams to follow