Puzzling reaction

Funny how most here were just praying for a Als win. They win but there is virtually no celebration of that. Just more of the same complaints.

I saw a much better Montreal effort. Long corner but they are turning it.

also saw a lot of players exhibiting genuine joy and warmth to Hawkins after the win.

I’m happy with the progress. I wish them well. I don’t like seeing people fired.

CONTEXT: Played the worst team in the league.


  • Great game by BW, but he left with what looked like a shoulder/arm injury. Hopefully he is OK.
  • Great game by Whyte
  • 2 INTs by Emery
  • Great game by Hebert


  • Barely 200 yards passing in a game that the D had to respect the run; still a concern.
  • Lots of short fields, or at least decent field position, but only 2 TDs and *** 6 *** field goals( 32, 31, 24, 24, 14 and 9. At least two more of those would have had to be TDs to impress me.
  • Still a lack of useful pre-snap motion; need more and not always in a play that uses the motion directly.
  • Three fumbles, even if two were recovered

Frankly, this game did not settle my issues with the offence in any way, and the defence allowing 27 points and the Esks to move the ball so easily on that last drive don't make me feel great.

a Blowout win would have built confidence, a blow-out loss would have prompted some sort of chnages over the break, but this was the scratch by with a win that setlles nothing.

Precisely, GHT; I was hoping for a blowout either way so there'd be some clarity. Instead, a close skin of the teeth win which settled nothing.

They played the Worst offense in the league but the 2nd ranked defense and put up more points than 3 of the other 4 teams to play Edmonton. Fair is Fair...

Nobody except Richard hoping for “just a win.” But don’t let the facts get in the way of your trolling.


Some are 'complaining', others aren't. If you read the posts, you'll see some of both - have you read them thoroughly? I'm not sure. :?

I still think that you're Pippin. Excellent game, by the way.


Don't bother with him. He loves to take shots at other members for the heinous crime of (gasp!) expressing differing opinions. He's one of those choads who are incapable of honest, civil disagreement without getting personal and offensive.

Had they won by 3 TDs or more, rather than 5, they would only have 2 points in the win column,not more. Yes, Edmonton has not been good offensively but defensively they are one of the best in the CFL. The Als play against professionals and,usually, there is not much difference between first place team and last place team.

Sure,there have to be improvements by the coaches-particularly on offence- and the players, but when I compare with teams such as Hamilton and Winnipeg, I remain optimistic. To me, Hamilton was a much better team at this time last year than there are now. They have released very good players and have many injured players.Kent Austin always seems mad at his players,on the sideline. In terms of statistics, the Argos are last defensively. Yes, the Als are last offensively but they are third defensively,based on games played in week 5.

Hoping that the necessary adjustments will be made.


Well, that's true, but that's not really why I was hoping for a better offensive display. If the offense were rolling, it would give us a positive sign heading into a difficult stretch of the season. The run-blocking is improved, and probably the best thing about that game was Whitaker breaking out and reasserting himself. But right now, we still don't know what we have. We still don't seem to be able to make effective adjustments, the passing game is dead in the water, and it took the last play of the game for us to win at home in front of our defense.

One desperate come-from-behind win against the league's worst team isn't going to convince me that we're on the right track. Look at Reinebold last year. We were willing to be patient, but in the end, his defense was never able to be effective.

For the life of me I have no idea why discipline is allowed to attack the way he does. Talk about nonsense.

The offence was frequently given good field position and cashed in only twice. Good defence or not, that doesn't cut it.

They finally put a QB under centre for a short yardage play and do they sneak? No, do they ... play option pass? No, do they run an option sweep? No, they hand the ball off at the 4.5-5 yard line! Marginally better than a handoff from the shotgun, but not much.

I am not sure what game you watched, but I didn't see it that way at all. They could and should have lost the game. The squandered another lead and if it weren't for the incompetence of the CFL officials Edmonton would have been able to gather themselves and score on the last play. The Als are headed for a disastrous season, if they win more than 6 games I will eat my hat at their following home game, not to worry that will be next year cause they will not win 6 guaranteed.

Well, I'm hoping to be surprised / proven wrong, but I'm not expecting more than 5 wins this year. The offense is in shambles with almost a third of the season in the books, and the other two units are not good enough to carry a team without even an average offense. Hawkins doesn't seem able to run practices efficiently and also doesn't seem willing to learn about the Canadian game. Increasingly, we get arrogance and mockery from him in the media. You can be brusque or sarcastic when you are Don Matthews and your CFL resume speaks for itself, i.e. you have enough Grey Cup rings for each finger on one hand. When you've proven nothing in this league, that kind of attitude is just insulting to the paying customer.


It's an 18 game schedule, and team performance varies during those games. Take the BC Lions, they seem to always have a slow start. Last year is a good example, and their first game in 2013 was putred. Yet, at year's end they are always contenders.

I'm not saying this will happen to the Als, what I am saying is that you can't extrapolate 5 games worth of performance with any amount of confidence.

Well considering they have 7 or 8 games left against he equally "weak" Eastern Teams a five win season would be catastrophic. I can't see it.

We've already lost once to one of those "equally weak" eastern teams and we still have the Argos coming up. Chris Jones has always been tough against Calvillo and a guy like Milanovich is going to slice through our pressure packages like a hot knife through butter (that's assuming Ray is healthy obvs).

The second third of the season is brutal for us. Riders, Lions both waiting...

The Als barely beat what is arguably the worst team in the league (there's competition for the position) and needed the help of Edmonton wasting a timeout and poor clock management to do it.

Compare that to the beatdowns Saskatchewan and Calgary provided to the other two arguably worst teams in the league, on the road, using a backup and third string QB respectively. That is more of what you expect when a good team plays a bad team. What we saw from the Als was a not very good team playing a bad team.

The good news is that the East is so bad, being "not very good" is probably still enough to host a playoff game.

Yuuup, pretty much, Tridus. Nothing to feel good about in that win, really.

[i]AHHHH!!! Go cry to your mudda Slanty! You show up with that attitude, and then cry when someone takes a harsh tone with yous!

When Johnny "visits" other team's forums with his enlightening posts, he expects to get some shiat from their fans! It's all part of the fun!!! :smiley:

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