put your asbestos clothes on when watching the game

Roberts is again starting at HB, and Burris will absolutely torch him.

Jason Goss, where are you?

Enjoying Being Traded out west.

To Edmonton and Beyond

I think Burris is due for one of his "brain cramp" games. When he's bad, he's sad.

Printers will have had another week with the team. Lumsden is back. Armstead is in. I predict a close but Cats win.

An Argo-Cat fan

I love to think that the cats will pull one out tonight..but I always leave me prediction until Hamilton's first offensive drive..or in most cases lack there of.. it really shows what thier pace will be through the half..if not the game.

Last week when Printers was sacked on the first snap..I just felt it was going to be an ugly game.

so..if in fact the first drive sets the pace for the game..lets all hope Printers throws a TD on his first snap :slight_smile:

I love your optimism. Hope you are right.

I'm so used to this team breaking my heart that it's hard to believe in them even a little any more.