there was this rich man who came along because another rich friend who owns B.C lions talked him into buying the Hamilton tigercats. People come in flocks because he he comes out with this promise that in so many years we be back in the promice land!Well well! That promise has one year to be done or mr hero will lose alot of fans who are feeling they sold on false pretences! Integrity can sell alot until only when the fraud shows to be nothing but a lemon!

If you were sold on the Tiger Cats because Bob 'promised' something or 'sold' you on something and not the fact that they are THE HAMILTON TIGER-CATS then you are the fraud!

I thought this was another poll??

Oh well...If you can't recognize that at least the owner of this team is doing what he can and what he knows how to, then I stll vote for 'shut-up'.

all I have to say about this is ....there's no "c" in promise.

Have a fantastic day everyone. :slight_smile:

Hey buddy I was there before there was even a Bob young in town!Why did the Ticats under Macdonald and his partner had such a great record? That was because he was not cheap but he was not as richy as Bob Young?
HMMMM I will be around to see leave buddy when you had enough, dont worry I have seen owners come and go!

:roll: LOL my bad!