Put Tom Brady on a CFL field and see now great he would be

Overated QB on a small field with four downs,
easy to to, see what he would do with a CFL ball on a much bigger field and getting hit and then attempting to throw the ball 65 yds across field for a 5 yd gain.

             Then lets see how great Tom BRADY


ugh.. what is the point of this??

are you nuts.

given a decent o-line, he would excell

in fact, I was just thinking during the first half of todays pats game, that if the pats played any CFL team right now, they would most likely score 100 points a game.

I myself am more of a Manning Colts fan, plus I usually prefer the more mobile QBs, however to deny that Brady is one of the best, if not todays best, in all of football, is to be a football imbecile

That's his sole purpose here........tellin' us how much better the CFL is than the NFL.......That's all he ever posts

At 28.5 million US last year he probably doesnt know or care where Canada is. Seems like a nice guy though.

the wide feild would do good for brady depends on his wr corps i would use a empy back field with reggie bush in the slot wr to many too choose from

Brady is not over-rated , he is that good. And the Pats are that good too. Why post bs about the facts?? Wspidel you got some security issues or something?

Yah I think Brady knows how to read Defences better than most QBs. Much more accurate than most QBs. Also, calmer in the pocket than anybody i have watched.

I remember watching him in his own endzone one time. He was so calm just standing there looking around waiting patiently yet reacting to everybody at the same time.

He is a great QB.

Since when has reggie bush been on the patriots or in the cfl?

Those tosses to Moss agains’t the Fish looked to me like it was a toss 'er up and let Randy outjump the other guys for it. And it worked.

All of you are completely wrong and brained washed by the hype of the NFL, huge crowds and that the NFL is so better. wrong again.

He would struggle in the CFL because you got to be better as a QB, Moon even said it so did others that played both leaques that were Americans .

Throwing a deep pass on the much smaller field with their smaller ball looks impressive because of small field but its not because they dont have to throw it very far on the field or to the end zones or if their throwing it across field.

         It`s tough in the CFL to thow the ball, harder ball to throw, longer distance to throw it, with much harder angles to throw the ball. It`s a real task.

        Joseph is becoming a real top CFL qb, he has mastered the position, knows how to play our game and can throw a CFL ball on our big field anywheres on the field and put it on the money.

        I would like to see Brady if he is so much better because he`s in the NFL then if what your saying is true, lets see what superman Brady could do replacing Joesph and see if he could win a Grey Cup,

He would be a joke as a CFL qb.

Printers is also having out about the CFL, not so easy when your in the NFL as a QB and now you have to play as a qb in the CFL.

            I don`t buy thye talent in the NFL or their easy game, my opinion which I`m allowed they are not supermen, their football players, what happen to the NBA dream team.

I played alot of sports myself and I do not get cut up in the hype, I`M REALISTIC and understand both games well but also understand reality.

Well, I don't know if I'd say Brady is overrated, but I definitely wouldn't say he's "just that good" either. This is his first great season. His stats for every other season are just good. Definitely a future hall of famer, but I wouldn't call him the best QB right now.

I dotn like him or the Pats, but the man has skills. If he ever played in the CFL he would kick ass, no question

Just like all the other NFL pretenders, Brady would likely be a washout in the CFL. If he had to scramble and elude a fierce passrush to get his passes away as required in the CFL, you would see he QB rating tumble quicker than other NFL vets Mike McMahon's or Mike Quinn's.


Ewwww. Its not even right to compare those two guys and Tom Brady..

Whatever the truth, we'll never know because he'll never come up here to play.

We will never know boys. When I was playing a long long time ago we played American highscool here. They did it cause it was easier less of a kicking game and to get more plays for the offense. So we ended up playing a game at the end against a Van Island team that played Canadian rules. BIG difference the yard off the ball for both defence and offense big big difference. I was a linebacker and I remember when the ball was on the narrow side of the field and I had the wideside I remember thinking holy shit if this guy gets outside me hes gone. I gaurantee you the first time a DB lines up on a wide reciever he feels like hes on a island by himself on the wideside of the field. The passes are a lot longer to throw for the qb. Anyway my point is that although footballs football different leagues you need different skills. From just playing on defense the American rules were way easier for me smaller field was the biggest part of that. Just a story. We will never know about Brady.

well i think brady would do good because on the wide field just look at randy moss imagine if you had randy moss one side and terrell owens on the other landian tomasson in the backfeild and reggie bush in the slot who could defend it? think its more about the personel around you.f the usa had that wide of field the games will be very high scores based on the skilled positions