Put the Hurry-Up Offense on Hold

Until Buck Pierce returns......

I have a theory. I understand that Hurry-up Offense is built to keep the defense off balance. But when you have a back up QB and you are 2 & out often (because of the inexperienced Backup QB), Doesn't that put a lot of pressure on the defense?

Let me do some Math.

Winnipeg = Five 2 & outs... Hurry Up Offense... (Officials rush to get ball spotted as O-Line waits. Ball snapped 15 seconds left on 20 second clock. Total time used up.... maybe 1 1/2 minutes. (x 5.... 7 1/2 minutes of defensive rest)

Opponants = Five 2 & outs Regular Offense... Receivers walk back to huddle, Referee blows time in when they get back to huddle, Ball snapped with 5 seconds LEFT on 20 second clock.... Total time used up probably close to 2 1/2 minutes (x 5..... 12 1/2 minutes of rest.)

Totally unscientific. Next game, I'll bring a stop watch to test my theory. :lol: :lol:

Defense is always reacting to what Offense does. Defensive players will tire before Offensive players.

So my Big question is.... Is the Hurry Up offense, wearing out the Bomber Defense?

Hurry-up offenses make sense to run when you've got a veteran like Ray, Burris, etc. under center. Not when you have an inexperienced Brink making only his third start of the year, playing behind an O-line that can't pass-block for poo-poo.

They also work much better when the ref gets the ball spotted quickly, I haven't seen that once this year, the officials have been waiting for the defences to get lined up before spotting the ball. :thdn:

Not to mention that in the last MTL-WIN game, they needed to bring out the chains to measure just about every effing ball spot, even when the receiver / runner had clearly picked up the first down. Very frustrating, especially for a team trying to keep a lead in the fourth quarter, because it stops the clock.

The point of the hurry up is so defences dont have time to get ready or substitute as much. someone needs to let the refs now that they are supposed to whistle in the play when the offense is ready to go, several times this year, the o has been ready to go and the refs are just loly gagging around, waiting for the d to get ready so they can whistle in play. Dont like blaming the refs but man, seriously. These guys need to be held accountable for doing a crappy job.

One time they are gonna cost someone the grey cup game, sooner rather than later and all because of some bogus call. Perhaps, thats when things will truly change.