Put the CFL on ESPN360

ESPN360 is a free broadband service that’s available in the U.S. They currently carry UEFA soccer, Super League Rugby, and other non-American sports.

ESPN owns ESPN360 and TSN.

Trajectory Sports, the U.S. rightsholder, is failing miserably at getting CFL games placed on American TV. Regional sports networks Altitude and Comcast SportsNet Chicago, available nationally on DirecTV and Dish Network, have dropped their CFL coverage in 2008. Comcast cites poor quality feeds (with frequent outages) from Trajectory Sports/America One as a major reason.

$9.95 per game for streaming broadband (the 2007 rate) is far too expensive, and will drive American viewers away.

If CFL games aren’t going to be available in the U.S. on DirecTV and Dish Network, ESPN360 is the next best alternative. The league needs to act quickly to save the 2008 season for U.S. fans.

I heard back from Commissioner Cohon regarding this:

"I believe we are working on a deal with ESPN360 – stay tuned. Mark"

That's very good news, because if they're working on it, there's no reason it shouldn't happen. TSN and ESPN360 are part of the same corporate family.

The CFL on free broadband. I can live with that.

Bah, of course Comcast doesn't carry Espn360.

I'm getting discouraged that I'll be able to get any games at all this year.

A broadband deal with ESPN360 doesn't preclude other TV deals. If I recall, Super League Rugby is carried by both ESPN360 and Setanta Sports.

^ Me too. Never heard back regarding any of my emails, either. Not that I expected to, but I was hoping for something.

Let's face it. We're not dealing with the most dynamic companies here. Trajectory Sports hasn't updated their website since January, VOOM's website promotes the upcoming CFL season kickoff--from 2006, and America One is, well...America One.

Does this mean we're not going to see the football broadcasts with those same 3 fly-by-night commercials replayed ad nauseum?

--Put all of your gold into an envelope and mail it to us!

--Buy your healthcare coverage from a company whose ad is nothing but a bunch of unrelated stock footage!

--Send us money, and we'll tell you how to start your own home business telling others to send you money!

"Honey, I quit my job because a cartoon fox told me to start my own home business!"

Man, I hope something happens soon.

Send me $10 and I'll RUSH to you 99 ways you can improve your chances of seeing CFL games this year.

Send me nothing and pm me Ill tell you how to get everything

You forgot about that walk in bathtub commercial...Man, was Harold surprised to see Marge!

I think that guy in the "send us your gold" commercials has been dead for 20 years! :roll:

This just in. ESPN360's schedule now includes the BC-Calgary game next Thursday.

So it appears ESPN360 is carrying games not on America One's schedule. I guess we'll know tomorrow if they'll be carrying Friday Night Football games, since ESPN360 posts its schedule 7 days in advance.

I'm jealous. Time Warner sucks (at least in North Carolina).

The CFL's big, ongoing mistake is giving EXCLUSIVE broadcast rights to obscure outlets.

The league needs to broaden their US audience as much as possible, and they're more worried about the overlap between America One and ESPN360. What is that--ten viewers?!?

No kidding! AmericaOne only broadcasts - over the air - in the rural parts of the U.S. Most cable and DirecTV networks will carry an AmericaOne station or two, but ONLY if you live in the sticks!

So I guess the CFL, in its infinite wisdom, believes that most of its American audience will come from the rural parts of the country where most Americans DO NOT LIVE!

Man, I hate to say it, but this league looks really BUSH as far as the TV coverage goes (in the States)...I mean, the AFL (Arena Football League) has a better TV deal!

That's just great...ESPN360 is limited to certain ISP's and Qwest (my ISP) IS NOT ONE OF THEM!

I called Qwest and they have no idea what ESPN360 is at all, let alone adding it as a feature.

I don't care if they are on ESPN360. Its nice for those who want to watch the game on their computer and have the service. However, the games need to be on tv. If the games aren't broadcast here in the states, I am going to have to buy a starchoice system.

Thanks for the laughs regarding the commercials during CFL games! You all are too funny. Lest we not forget...how about the inane "I lost weight and found money using my new metal detector!" (even though I'm still a poor, fat slob).