Put the blame where it belongs.

Wally, you better be a man and take the full blame for the loss. Your team did everything they could and you let them down.

He basically blamed his kicker in the post game remarks.

It was all McCallum's fault he shanked it!!!

Hardly. There was no need to have even put McCallum in that position. Buono's the goat, not McCallum.


As much as it appears that Wally wanted McCallum to stick it to the Barrett led Riders and that seemed to cloud Lion coaches decision making hey liontamer ST MB - the problem with the kick is what I have read on other fan sites and that there was simply no margin for error in this decision. None -- and it haunted them. The good news is that the Lions have got a wake up call - the bad news is that the coaching staff of BC might just be too arrogant to get it.

So Couch Buono made a bonehead move in OT.Accept the loss and get over it.I am more upset that Jason Armstead was running sprints at the Lions end of the field.A classless act by a classless player and organization.Barrett too,for throwing punch at Murphy.Hope to see 45,000 at our "house" vs.Calgary.

bc42, finally a voice of reason. We lost one game in what so far is a great season and people set their hair on fire.
The call by WB is a double edged sword and people here would have been lauding his decision if they'd pulled it off.

Bonehead decision Bono!! Your team played there hearts out! I admit you’re in most cases, a good coach but this time around, you blew it for us, so take the crap and learn from it. Stupidity doesn’t become you! gabby3

BJ -- I don't think fans would be lauding Buono for the decision but accepting it for what it was. A very high risk play that had NO margin for error in in that required the punter to kick to an open space in the end zone and hope for a 90 degree turn of the ball so it'd evade the kick returner.

Low percentage play given that his QB at that point was playing a hot hand.

Why not give Joe Smith a chance to run? Oh he might fumble...lol.

No matter what play they ran they had to have some trust in their players not to screw up. Instead the wind affected the ball either before the kick or coming off the kick and the 65 yard kick didn't happen.

Notice how that brought Sask on fire! They played like they were playing Wally and the Sisters of Charity after that and scored a TD!!! That was good coaching on Barrett's part. Show confidence in your offence and go down and win. Not play 'fraidy cat.