Put in Porter

I've had enough. KG has cost us 14 points already

This equal time announcement is meant for your entertainment only and does not reflect the views of this poster

Porter would have done a better job blocking for cobb

Another drive extended by penalty. Lord Glenn is bad

i sure hope your being sarcastic :roll:

Just giving my version of the Porter pout. I'm glad we are in the game but its a lot more than Kevin Glenn that is responsible for that

500+ yards...I saw some positives in that.

500 yards and 3 tds 0 interceptions...

thats half the tds porter had all year in one game against the, by far, best team in the league

Glenn did not lose this game.
If not for a few drops, we win.
Glenn's numbers speak for themselves.
If any Porter supporter says otherwise, should you want Hamilton to win rather than have your favorite QB start?

Supporters and coaches ......lol :thup:

Thank god the Porter project is over ..

This thread is a joke... .right?


I just watched the BC/Winnpeg game and saw another second stringer out perform or precious Porter's efforts as of late for the second time today. The other was Montreal's second stringer.
Glenn with the hot hand holds our destiny.
See you all when Sask. comes to town, just excited to see the cats competitive again.
Marcel needs to get some guts, instead of kicking a field goal on the 5 with 5 minutes left, he should have gone for the touchdown.
We would have won the game.
Sure there are a few that will have the nerve to suggest Porter has a better win loss record.
Save it! Any quarterback could have won those games this yr., Porter has done nothing but regress while we had one of the top QB's in the league sit back watching the Porter circus this past yr.


Do any of you think Glen could Start the whole season and Be there to start in the playoffs :roll: Great move by Coach Marcel to save Glenn and get Porter the reps he needs, because now IF Ticats need Porter in a Playoff game He will be ready :thup:

So much spite can't be good for your heart.


Great stuff!
Thanks for the laugh. :smiley:

Ok you are kidding aren't you???? This coach is one loss away from losing a playoff hope. If Glenn had of been in all year, Porter would be in now because we would be sitting comfortably in second place.
Porter was a total waste of 3/4 of a season and should have been brought along like every other second stringer out there.

PS if Porter has to go into the game in a playoff game we lose - simple as that....
Porter is not Mcpherson nor is he Lulay.

Glenn had a great game today, taking all the Als D gave him. As for your comment, I am confussed.

So your going to tell me based on 5 total quarters of play this season you have already assesed McPherson as a better QB, as well as Lulay with his limited playing time?

Wouldnt that be doing the same thing the damned if you have an opinion Porter fans are accused of doing after he had that great game against hhhmm who was it ,, oh yeah Montreal last year?

From what I saw today McPherson is potentially better than Porter. Of course, time will tell. But, at least Montreal is bringing mcPherson along in the right manner - as a backup to a veteran. Who knows about Lulay, but he came in and got the win. Again, a QB brought along properly watching a starter and learning. In this case, he was forced to come into the game and got the job done.
I would have more confidence right now bringing these two guys in the game than Porter.
I may be wrong, but I have very little faith left in Porter, and I think, judging from today, the team feels the same way.

That's all I was trying to say.


Fair enough, but we all have to remember and consider the history that got us to this point, and that most dont is what bugs me.

Last year at this time Porter would have been consider better then Glenn.

Porter was forced into the roll last year, he showed well as well as the rookies that played today. Now consider what Kevin Glenn was doing at that same time last year in Winnipeg. With that in mind put yourself in the coaches shoes, i cant you cant and they cant tell the future.

Kevin Glenn had a great game today, will he next week? You dont know, I dont know and again the coaches dont know, I agree at this moment he gives us the best shot at winning for alot of reason, few the same as mention all over these posts.

So beware of great exceptations. Dont make him a savour and dont dis the man who may have to be the savour. We have two good QB's and are a much improved team for it.

So let it begin The Glenn Project, and as I have watched for years few projects ever seem to be completed with this team.

Yes it was