Put in a temp stadium.... like Lions did!!!

Ive been waiting for quite sometime now for someone to mention this! Would there be a problem with bringing in a temp stadium like the Lions did when they renovated BC Place?! It boggles my mind that it would be the best solution for everyone!
Please post a comment with any facts or thoughts you might have as to why it hasn't been brought up for consideration.....

Time to give Mr. Braley a call i think!!

What location would a temp stadium occupy? I think that is the main reason the idea hasn't been brought up. But for all we know that's what Bob Bratina, Scott Mitchell and Bob Young were discussing today.

I would guess that since it hasn't been discussed publicly is because it probably costs a lot more than enhancing an already existing, smaller venue like Ron Joyce Stadium or TD Waterhouse stadium.

Chad Collins and city councillor should suck it up and allow the CFL and the Cats to build a temp. stadium down at Confederation Park.

Maybe there is green space up the mountain that could be used for 6 months to allow this to happen...

Including site prep, it costs the Lions $14m.

What sort of site prep would Confederation Park require? Does the required infrastructure exist?

The Lions' temporary stadium was built on the site of their old Empire Stadium.

Capn, the lions didn't pay a cent for it, it was paid for entirely by the B.C. Prov. Gov.
As for Confed. Park, it was referred to as the most shovel ready site in the City during the Stadium War
It has the Zoning, access and is owned by the City.
The big problem is the City couldn't even afford the turf let alone everything else needed to erect a stadium.

Thanks for the correction. I should have realized that. When I first heard how much the new roof was costing the provincial government, my first thought was that Vancouver to B.C. is like Toronto to Ontario. They get all the provincial money. It was easy for T.O. to get the costly Skydome, but poor old Hamilton can barely afford a new small stadium and it was the inadequate funding model that caused most of our stadium problems.

Scott Mitchell and Bob Young might be discussing it, Bob Bratina is probably reminiscing about the 1962 Hamilton Red Wings Memorial Cup win....

So does anybody think our province will come up with the $14m or so dollars needed for a B.C.-like temporary stadium?

Put at Mohawk College on Fennell. Lots of access and it would leave them with a half decent stadium for the school.

Ain’t happening.

Put the emphasis on the 'or so' part of your statement.

BC had two huge factors that worked in their favour.

  1. No site prep was required. All of the underground infrastructure was still in place from the former Empire Stadium.
  2. Shipping costs were negligible. The scaffolding and seats were rented from a company in Europe (Sweden ?). One of the big expenditures of this is shipping. Most of the scaffolding and seating was already in Vancouver thanks to the Olympics.

It was estimated that without these two factors in their favour, the cost of erecting Empire Field would likely have been double the $14M.

They might but the buffoons at Hamilton City Hall would yet again fuddle duddle their way through the process which would result in absolutely no gain for the city or the Ti-cats.

No. Not a chance. I wouldn't either if I was making the decision. They don't have the money.

They're already contributing plenty to the Pan Am Games, and through that, to the new stadium.

If they want to put in more money (which they won't), I'd rather see them put it toward increasing the seating capacity of the new stadium when it is built.

can you imagine, if we we're granted the money to build a temp stadium...we could have another debate on where it should go... only in the city I love.

I feel bad for Prophet Young, that he has ever had to deal with the city of Hamilton or the Province of Ontario.

I'm suprised he has never pulled the plug on us, and if he did, I would't blame him for an instant.

Dealing with Hamilton City council and the Province of Ontario, it makes me wonder how Hamilton/Ontario havn't had a complete economic collapse with the bafoonery that runs supreme. Good luck ever getting the funding for a temp stadium unless it was built on 100% private land, with 100% of the cost coming from a private source. Even then, the city of Hamilton would go out of its way to stop the project!

Prophet Young, We're not Worthy, We're not Worthy........

The Tiger-Cats knew when they settled for an IW rebuild that they needed to play somewhere else for the season. Now it is London or bust. Not a bad situation as far as growing your fan base goes. As far as their practice location that in a way is a little more complicated with the 4.5 hour limitation.

the Cats won't need to practice in 2013 - to quote Iverson -" I know it's important, I honestly do but we're talking about practice. We're talking about practice man. We're talking about practice. We're talking about practice. We're not talking about the game. We're talking about practice. When you come to the arena, and you see me play, you've seen me play right, you've seen me give everything I've got, but we're talking about practice right now. ... Hey I hear you, it's funny to me too, hey it's strange to me too but we're talking about practice man, we're not even talking about the game, when it actually matters, we're talking about practice ... How the hell can I make my teammates better by practicing?"

Too bad the powers never thought of putting the new stadium in Scott Park across Cannon St.; then they could have used IWS till the new one was completed. The school is vacant the pool needs upgrading and the field would have the same orientation. Tough parking for 1year is the down side I can see.

I think most people are thinking that with Mac telling the team they can't play there in 2013, the team will opt to stop using Mac for things like training camp. I think most people think the relationship between the school and the team has been damaged and that the Cats would rather find another place to practice than give McMaster any more money.