Put Away Your Fan Hat- Rank the Teams... Really

Okay, this is a crazy season.

Two teams seem to make sense.
Montreal is strong and seems just to need to be able to keep its concentration.
Calgary looks like it started slow and is jelling.

B.C. loses twice to Hamilton - making Hamilton fans (like me) feel that we’ve really turned the corner and then it proceeds to look ugly the rest of the time- except when they whip Edmonton and Saskatchewan. What gives?

Edmonton, Hamilton, Saskatchewan? Are these worldbeaters or bums? How can you really say whether they are good teams or mediocre teams? Big holes on all of them but pick the right day and maybe they can beat anybody handily.

Winnipeg? Lucky last game or have they all of a sudden become a defensive juggarnaut with a suddenly competent offense?

Toronto? Can they be as bad as they look? Has Winnipeg moved out of their joint cellar?

This is the one of the most confusing CFL seasons that I remember… and my memory on these goes back 45 years.

So… fan hat off. Who is really good?
Who will keep improving?
Who will remain inconsistent but dangerous?
Who’s fading?
Who is toast?

Really… and why?

I'm sorry, I know you told us to take off our fan hats, but how can you rank Edmonton and Hamilton with Saskatchewan? No. Both teams may only be half a game ahead of Saskatchewan right now, but I'd argue both are playing better football.

Yes, Edmonton started off a little shaky, but they've won 3 of their last 4 games, including a 21-point comeback in Regina, and a 33-19 win over the 7-1 Als. Plus they beat Calgary in what was arguably the best game of the season. Hamilton played well against Montreal, and they swept the Lions, something they have done in years.

But if you look at Saskatchewan... They let the Eskimos come back from a 21-point deficit at home! They were beaten handily by B.C., lost to Montreal. They barely beat Calgary. That was a game of who sucks less. The turnovers for the Riders is just beyond ridiculous.

No way can you lump the Eskimos and the Tiger-Cats with the Riders.

That said, Montreal is by far the best team right now, and I think they'll stay the best.

I think Edmonton and Calgary will continue to improve and battle for first in the West. I think Hamilton will continue to improve, but they won't challenge Montreal for first in the East, but I do think they'll lock up second. The East is still too weak for them not to. Yes, Winnipeg had a great win the other night, but until they actually develop a passing game, they'll continue to hang with Toronto at the bottom of the division.

B.C., when they show up to play, are dangerous. But I doubt they'll show up all that often. I think they'll finish last in the West.

Saskatchewan will continue to be inconsistent, but they'll remain dangerous. I think they're looking at a 9-9 season.

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Save the rhetoric. Any fan with common sense can see clearly that the Saskatchewan Roughriders will eventually be the dominant team in the CFL upsetting the favoured Montreal Alouettes in the Grey Cup in Calgary which will upset Stamps fans terribly as they watch this in their home park.

Riders Rule
Rider Pride Nation Wide!!!

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...not a realistic question as Turkeybend's fan hat is permanently tattooed to his head...

TB, you're full of.. you know what!

my rankings as of now and whats happened recently....

  1. MTL - easy choice. good all around team, well coached and what can you say about AC that hasnt been said before...
  2. Edmonton - since the first two edm has been great, only team to knock the als says alot as well.. ray is back in form
  3. Calgary - finally coming together, looking more like last years champs.. still a few holes to fix
  4. Hamilton - strong D and a great running game... although porter hasnt quite lived up to the bill, consistently OK right now
  5. Sask - Up and Down, turnovers are a huge issue, durant shows flashes tho, when they turn it on they are scary
  6. Winnipeg - still no pass game, but starting to figure out earlier offensive issues
  7. BC - defense is a mess... offense has shown promise but cant get consistency from qbs.
  8. Toronto - average D at best , poor offense...

O.K. - I see some don’t have any humour left in them today so here is the deserved rankings based on the season to date:

  1. Alouetttes
  2. Eskimos
  3. Roughriders
  4. Hamilton
  5. Stamps
  6. Bombers
  7. Bombers
  8. argoooooooooooooos ( and those o’s do not signify the the letter but rather the number zero!!
  9. Ottawa :rockin:

Wow. You think the Lions suck so bad that they don't even deserve to be ranked. Now that's harsh. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Alouetttes
  2. Stamps
  3. TiCats
  4. Eskimos
  5. Roughriders
  6. Lions
  7. Bombers
  8. Roughriders (Ottawa)
  9. Argos
  1. Montreal
  2. Edmonton
  3. Hamilton
  4. Calgary
  5. Saskatchewan
  6. Winnipeg
  7. British Columbia
  8. Toronto
  1. Alouettes - they have abye week then play back to backs againt a poor BC team. with calvillo and the weak east they will stay on top.
  2. Eskimos - i think they found their sync, but they have hamilton, galgary back to back and then saskatchewan. tough 4 weeks.
  3. Tiger Cats - They have sad sack toronto back to back then they play calgary and montreal which will be very tough. but with a week east they will finish 2nd.
  4. Stampeders - they stared very slow but have found their stride, but can they keep it up?
  5. Roughriders - they win some they lose some. Inconsistent but always a threat to win. if durant can finally gain control and the injuries stop they will battle for 1st.
  6. Blue Bombers - i don't think bishop is the savior just like he wasn't in saskatchewan last season.
  7. Lions - the once dominant coaching of wally is starting to corrode. he let too many players leave from last season and it seems like the team lacks discipline.
  8. Argonauts - Bart Andrus has a soap opera on his hands and Kerry Joesph is the star. They have no team synchronicity and it doesn't look like it will come soon.

My season end predictions:


  1. Montreal
  2. Hamilton
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Toronto


  1. Edmonton
  2. Saskatchewan
  3. Calgary
  4. British Columbia
  1. Als - Not much needs to be said other than 7-1
  2. Esks - A distant second, but to me it looks like they are getting better as they go along
  3. Cats - They showed they had some character with that 2nd half charge in Regina
  4. Stamps - Expected this team to be higher up at this point, but they are dangerous
  5. RIders - Sooooo inconsistent, but they kept it close against the Als while turning the ball over like crazy
  6. Bombers - If they ever get a passing game or QB they will be scary
  7. Lions - It's actually Don Matthews in disguise coaching this team
  8. Argos - Have given away 2 games at the end already this year.

1_ Montreal ., 2-a)Hamilton.-b) Edmonton. c)Calgary .-d) Sask., 3-a)Winnipeg.-b) B.C., 4- T.O. Hold on to your Hats ladies its going to be a wild playoff Race :rockin:

  1. Montreal-hands down best
  2. Calgary-they need some work on the defensve side, and Jonesy can make some adjustments.
  3. Hamilton-they are tough and are now making plays to keep drives alive and are learning to win. Tough D
  4. Edmonton-can score and can comeback to win, but their secondary is scary, and I don’t mean Cam Wake kinda scary.
  5. Winnipeg-Bishop is slinging it, for now. Fred Reid and that other dude, sorry his name escapes me, are thebest one two punch rb’s in the league. Plus their D is solid.
  6. Saskatchewan-gets this spot moreso because the bottom two have been SO BAD! This teams turns the ball over WAY TO MUCH, plus their specials are laughable. Those two ingredients might get them 9-9 if really lucky
  7. BC-will get better, just watch. Wally will right the ship somewhat. They turn the ball over too much lime SK but the special teams IMO are better, and their D will not continue to be in the tank
  8. Toronto-what can you say when you do not win at home in over a year. I wonder if anyone here has noticed? Pickett played well last game, but they need more playmakers. They are so lucky to have Prefontaine!

LMFAO :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Cant argue to much with this but I would switch the Cats and Stampeders.