Put all your lame April Fools posts in this one thread

Some April Fools posts can be amusing, but if every member on the forum posted a bogus story as an April Fools joke, there'd be nothing else on the first few pages worth of topics.

In the interest of everyone's sanity, if you must make an April Fools post, I encourage you to put it in this thread so we don't clutter up the whole forum.

Clutter up the forum?????.....You guys post everything on here from Chef Ramsey's recipes to Gold mining on the moon. I think every topic under the sun is covered here.

I saw on NFL Network that Denver was in talks with the Ti-Cats to trade Cutler for either a first round draft pick or Kevin Glenn.

this a good idea?

In the off-season, there is no such thing as a lame post

"Put all your lame April Fools posts..."

Mission accomplished.

safetyblitz arrested for being drunk in public. More info to come.

Oh please, I wasn't in public. :wink: