Put a headset on you idiot

Guess what, you dont know everything, you dont see everything....why dont you let the people in the booth watching 6 tv angles tell you when to challange.....Danny, you are an idiot.

If Danny thinks wearing a headset is bad for him fine dont wear one. Hopefully though he has learned that he need someone in the booth letting him know when to challenge plays.

The missed one was BAD, the other two were good challenges that had a chance to go the other way.

Agree 100%. Communication is everything whether it's sports, business, anything.

I agree that he should have a head set on or at least someone standing beside him should have one on but are all of you guys actually sold on replay from what you've seen this year? Richardson definatly caught that ball yesterday but it wasn't overturned. In the Edmonton game yesterday Bertrands catch was challenged but they didn't have any angles to see the ball. They may have not overturned Richardson's catch because they blew the play dead but that is something that the refs need to work on. Any thoughts?

I agree 100%. This play brought to light one glaring glitch in the system. There is no question that was a catch and fumble, but with the play blown dead there was nothing they could do so they let it stand. Not exactly what it was meant for I must say. Bur the only other thing that could be done is give the ball to BC on their 20 as if it was a fumble recovery in the endzone a kneel because most likely that is what would have happened had they let the play go. But then you are playing fortune teller and someone would be pissed so they just let it go. They are going to have to do like the NFL and let the play go until it is over regardless of what is happening. Definitely needs to change something though.

Go Riders!!

At least we are tied for second place... sort of. Glass half full right.

Another positive is that if you watched the Calgary/Edmonton game, both teams looked like sh**. At least their offence. The Edmonton defence reminded me of the Riders last year when they play amazing all game and then they let Burris huck one up in the corner of the endzone.