Purse Search

How much leeway is a total stranger {security at the THF} allowed when searching my wife’s purse when entering the stadium?

I fully understand all the reasons behind it. I’m all for public safety. However, opening up every zipper and tiny compartment and then handling and pulling out very personal items seems to be way over the top. I asked the lady where else have her hands been? She didn’t seem to clue in. I said it’s basic hygiene… whatever you touched from wherever your hands have been { all over everything} has now been in contact with my wife’s hairbrush and other very personal items. I said how about I paw through some of your personal items and again clueless as to what I was trying to say.

I’m far from being a near freak but next time someone reaches for my wife’s very intimate purse items I’ll be asking them to put gloves on.

By the way…Ticats won…6 wins by by Labour Day…at least 12 on the year.

Sounds very intrusive.
I showed up last night with a backpack with rain gear. A quick look and pat down of it and I was done. They felt something hard and asked what is was. Told them binoculars and I was good to go. I didn't have to take them out to prove it.
If there is a concern, then fans should be guided to an alternate area (with a table) where one could empty their bag to show what is inside. Then if there is still a problem after a pat down of said bag, security should the put on disposable gloves and do a more complete search.
They did this somewhat at IWS at times, although not consistently.
Sounds like you had a very enthusiastic security person. And, I agree they should wear gloves if only for their own personal hygiene.

Agree. Quick pat down of my rain coat. No problem. Quick look into her purse would by just fine. Anything else is over the line.

Although it does sound a little over the top, rather than complain about it here on this forum, calling the Ticats or speaking to a C.A.T. team member about your concern at the stadium would likely have been your better option. Mentioning it here does not resolve the issue. Otherwise it just comes across as a complaint that we, on this forum can not do anything about.

I'm not saying it isn't a valid concern but am only talking about what you chose to do about the complaint. Going the right route generally means that you don't get lost. :wink:

Better safe than sorry. Im glad secuirty is bring very thorough. Blue jays and nfl games you have to walk through a metal detector and all bags are subject to a search.

Though if the person did wear gloves theyd have to change them every time they searched a bag to avoid cross contamination and the line ups would be massive.

When I've flown, have been required to remove shoes and belt. Haven't been frisked yet or gone through the xray.

Sad to say, but this is an indication of the times we are now living in as part of the post 911 world.

I'm surprised the security person was not wearing gloves, for her and your protection. I would wonder too where those hands touched before you came along.

I can understand their need for this procedure. What I don't get is their lack of courtesy and respect for your rights and safety.

I also would advise that you call the Tiger cat office and speak with someone about this.

This is a form of cavity search....purse cavity!

Only at a Tiger-Cat game would security personnel be allowed to perform a cavity search without glove protection! :lol:

I agree, the problem is those security guards must be Canadian to work in Canada.
If American Security People were allowed, then the best well trained Security would be available, :stuck_out_tongue:


That's way over the top. Searches are not consistent. Some are overly thorough and intrusive while others are too lackadaisical. Seems like an employee training matter. You should call the team office with your complaint.

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