Purolator Tackle Hunger - the challenge

From the Winnipeg Sun:

The Bombers set a record when a total of 49,250 pounds of food were donated to the Purolator Tackle Hunger campaign at last Friday's home game, a Purolator spokesperson related. It will all go towards Winnipeg Harvest.
There's the record. Now let's see the rest of you match or beat that! That's a record that I'd love to see broken 7 times. :rockin:

BTW, here's the schedule:

July 17 - Edmonton at Saskatchewan
July 31 - Winnipeg at Calgary
August 7 - Calgary at BC
August 28 - Saskatchewan at Edmonton
September 6 - Toronto at Hamilton
September 19 - Winnipeg at Toronto
September 26 - Edmonton at Toronto
October 17 - Winnipeg at Montreal

So Rider fans, you're up next. Let's see what you can do.

It should be noted that the Sept. 26 "Edmonton at Toronto" game is the Touchdown Atlantic date in Moncton. So New Brunswick will get in on the Purolator Tackle Hunger bandwagon this season.