Purolator play by play

Did I miss a bad joke here? This thing is neither "live" nor "play by play".

What's the purpose of this?

is that the 'Nissan Make The Call' thing? never tried it it, I should today

nahh.. this is a link at the bottom of the cfl.ca main page, under "schedule"

its not as "live" as it should be, but it does have play by play.

heaven forbid they should do it anywhere near as good as the NFL does, sigh

I don't mind the delay as long as it's accurate.

I can live with it, as long as its not too long, as it sometimes is.

however, when NFL.com can do 6-10 games at once, all almost real time live, its pretty sad that CFL.ca cant handle even one game that well.

yeah, especially when I'm listening to my DELUXE, AWESOME, Internet RADIO FEED that the CFL is so gracious to let us listen to in the US.

Internet radio and a 10 minute delayed play by play TEXT feed? Holy hell Batman, us Canadians in the states are gettin' the hookup!

Got no Canadian friends who can webcam feed the game to ya?

not reliably for four games a week. i manage to squeeze one or two in though. better than nothing, but not quite watching it on my HD…

Big turnover by the Eskies

Buddy you painted such a vivid picture im literally feeling your pain over here.

Luckily I got a feed back for the fourth quarter. <insert 80's voice> ohhhhhh yeah boyyyy... 19 inches of phat LCD with all of 250k streamin' right at me.

Say, was that Slim Pickens flying by or just some dirt in the signal?

pretty sure ole Slim never said PHAT in his life

pretty sure I never did when in proper "self" mode either. only when in sarcastic, "could this suck more?" mode, my friend.

Methinks Purolator 'Play by Play' is still a work in progress. Great idea. Just needs to be updated quicker and I would be satisfied.

Work-in-progress....there's the understatement of the month.

I clicked on it for two pre-season games. At first I had the radio broadcast on as well, but the lag between the CFL site was so great I couldn't handle it.

At one point, the CFL site had the down and distance, field position, the team in possession, and the game score all wrong, AT THE SAME TIME, which would have represented the triple crown of ineptness, except they somehow squeezed in a fourth error. The site failed miserably at everything it was meaning to convey.

I could have imagined the entire game and typed it in, and done no worse.

The only thing this "feature" has accomplished is to give me serious pause about continuing to use Purolator, which must be a company on the brink of total collapse to attach its name to a disgrace like this.