Based on the latest off-season roster, 12 players have been released/no longer on roster and 4 have been added. The deletions include 6 players who played for the Als in 2011.

The players released are:
RB- Kerry Carter and Emmanuel Marc.
WR-Adams Mims.
DB-Vince Anderson,Greg Laybourn,DeJuan Morgan and Stephan Neveille.
DL-Bryan Copeland,Alan Michael-Cash and Kitwana Jones.
LB-Ramon Guzman and John Surla.

The players added are:
Ed Gainey,DB.21 years old
Kyries Hebert,listed as DB.31 years old.
Kenny Ingram,LB.26 years old.
Marques Murrell,listed as DE but played as LB in NFL. Played 27 games in NFL,mainly with the Jets.27 years old.

I do know -from Herb- that amongst the players on their negotiating list, there are a few RB. One is Garrett Wolfe,5-7, 185 ,27 years old; he played 50 games with the Bears,from 2007 to 2010. A free agent since last summer. Another is Rodney Stewart,rookie signed by the Bengals as an undrafted free agent.He is also a return specialist. 5-6 and 179. 4.56 40.


I'm not surprised by any of the players released. We need to get younger, faster, and better in some key depth positions.

Printing out the Als roster from last 2011 semi-final Hamilton game, I count 22 players (out of 67) no longer on the team:



Injured List




Practice Roster

Vince Anderson
Micheaux Robinson
Ryan Lucas

Hopefully we will see Estelle again.

Of those departed as mentioned the Guzman cut bothers me a bit and I would like to see Spencer brought back for special teams.

Some fine football players in those cuts. I guess with the new rules limiting training camp movement the Als used Mini-camp to do some evaluations. Also noticing how heavy we are going with linebackers. Reinebold is cooking some serious voodoo...

Most importantly, of the then 46 active players, 13-9 imports and 4 non-imports- are no longer on the actual roster; they are:E. Marc,R.Guzman,J.McElveen,A.Stewart,K.Jones,E.Wilson,G.Laybourn,D.Dix,Tim Maypray,K.Carter,D.Desriveaux,W.Spencer and P.Woldu; before the beginning of the 2012 season,other players who were on the then 46 active players and should not be are:J.McCuller,B.Woods and D.Townsend.So far,the main changes have been on the defensive line- 4 of 8 active players no longer with team-and defensive backfield-3 of 8 active players no longer with the team-.

Barring injuries, some of the changes that I presently anticipate are:
Defensive backfield-D.Anderson and J.Brown will/should replace D.Dix and G.Laybourn; E.Boulay will/should replace P.Woldu.
Linebackers- R.Davis and M.Restelli will/should replace R.Guzman and B.Woods.
Defensive line-A.Hunt will/should replace E.Wilson,M.Montgomery or M.Murrell will/shoud replace A.Stewart,D.Akra or D.Lemmens will/should replace K.Jones.
Return specialist- I say Rashaud Slaughter.
I say Noel Devine or Garrett Wolfe will/should replace E.Marc.

Other changes will occur but,so far,these are the most important ones that I anticipate; when compared to end of the 2011 season,the most upgrades will be on defense.


/////Yes ..we've seen some of that voodoo before :lol: hang on to your hats/'helmets

Wonder if he has a Pierce voodoo doll that he can toss around when the Als meet the Bombers :wink:

The only surprise IMO is that Ramon Guzman was cut -- I expected to possibly see Diamond Ferri released (although the new jerseys for sale include Ferri)...

You haven't seen the Swarovsky Buck Pierce doll ? Its made of glass :stuck_out_tongue:


I am not surprised by most of these cuts. I think Guzman, Wood wer'e in a tough spot once we signed Restelli and Davis. I think its too bad for young John Surla. I really like that kid and he wants it so bad. I hope he gets a shot with another team. Some of the Americans may have been released if they were offered an NFL tryout or contract. I've seen Jim do that often before.

We haven't even hit camp yet. So there will be more surprises. You can see big battles in the defensive backfield, receiver and fullback position. I don't think there is room for Bedard, Lavoie, Diedrick and Giffen. I can see one being cut. Oline too there will be some battles we have 10 or 11 NI linesmen, we can't keep them all.

I'm surprised too -- like you, I thought Ferri was the player on the bubble. But this is why we're fans on the outside. We can speculate, but we're often super-far off the mark. :wink:

Ferri has not made the team yet... He will need to have a great camp IMO.

Sure, but it's less likely that he'll be cut now that another LB vet in Guzman is gone. But as you say, we'll have to see how he grades out at camp. Great thing about an outsider like Reinebold coming in is he'll have very few preexisting biases for or against certain players. We've needed this jolt on defense for a while now, I'd say, going even back to the 2010 season.

Just a hunch, but I wouldn`t be surprised to see Joffrey Reynolds signed to be a backup / potential injury replacement for Whitaker. The RB position in the Als offense is too important to leave it in the hands of inexperienced people.

Darren Gill is Reynolds agent.

Difficulty with guys like Cobourne and Reynolds is to go from a 125 to 140k salary to 60 is very demoralizing. They are both great backs but I would rather we brought Avon back. He knows our system inside out and has better hands and speed in space than JR who is more of a straight North South back. I think if Avon can't find a starter's job, his first choice would be Montreal.

60k is better than 0k :wink:

missed that one... but definitely a good one. Does it say "Fragile handle with care"?!

I, too, would prefer Avon if we have to reach out for a backup.

Je ne crois pas que Cobourne ou Reynolds voudraient revenir à Montréal après avoir goûté aux meilleurs salaires. Surtout Cobourne, après tout ce qu'il a touitté contre l'équipe l'an dernier, ce serait pour lui comme revenir la queue entre les pattes. Quant à Reynolds, je ne sais pas s'il est le genre de gars à accepter une baisse de salaire importante après avoir eu 6 saisons consécutives de 1 000 verges de gains, gains qu'il aurait sans doute répétés s'il n'avait pas eu à partager le boulot avec Cornish.

On ne sait jamais, mais il me semble que les Alouettes pourraient trouver une solution qui soit plus porteuse d'avenir.

It would be hard for Avon but he's got a family, and at the end of the day, he needs to put money on the table and Montreal makes the most sense for him from just about every standpoint, unless he wants to play for peanuts in the UFL or wherever. Pride is a luxury you can't afford when you have mouths to feed. He knows the city, the team, and the coaches, and if Trestman and Popp are willing, he'd be an absolutely fantastic backup for Whitaker.

As for looking to the future, Whitaker is the starter now and should be for the next three years at least, so I'm not too worried about finding his permanent replacement this season.