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MLSE and Paul Godfrey have wanted an NFL team in Toronto for the last 40 years. They and the businesses they've associated themselves with have done all they can to kill the Argos in Toronto.

But piss on them, because if the NFL ever came north because of the demise of the CFL, wouldn't it be poetic if they chose to locate a franchise in Saskatchewan instead of Toronto.

Saskatchewan has the number two most loyal and successful brand in Canada behind the Leafs but ahead of the Raptors, Habs and Blue Jays.

Maybe Toronto should start to show it has enthusiasm for professional football by attending Argo games and supporting them and building momentum behind the brand instead of pining for the NFL. Maybe then they would garner even a smidgen of interest from the NFL.


You know if MLSE was trying to kill the Argos they would simply not buy them and let them die once the lease at Rogers Centre expire.

This is a very expensive rabbit hole


Nonsense, MLSE purchased the Argos and they are serious to make them a winner. If they wanted to kill the Argos they wouldn't have bought them.
They have made no attempts to go after an NFL team or go after an expansion team and they haven't attempted to get an NFL game at BMO.
I think you are confusing them with Rogers


Didn't Larry Tannenbaum go after the Bills with Jon Bon Jovi a few years ago. Besides Rogers and MLSE are synonymous. Who are we kidding.

Buying the Argos doesn't mean they are committed to the CFL. I wish that were the case. They have a gazillion dollars and could probably prop up the Argos more than they do. Instead the Argos share a president with TFC.

There is no evidence that MLSE buying the Argos was their first choice or that they care about the CFL. There has always been a ton of suggestions for the opposite.

But Saskatchewan would be 100 times more deserving that MLSE and the sorry Toronto fan base and media that ignore the CFL.


This is one heck of a new thread. I am sensing some repressed anger, and well these days, it is understandable.

It is a slow week of games and about mid-season, so why not let some of it out?

Which three of these 2021 CFL phenomena enrage you the most right now? Make your selections, engage in banter, and please enjoy.

Which Three 2021 CFL Phenomena Enrage or Annoy You The Most Right Now?
  • MLSE
  • Rogers
  • Kate Beirness
  • Milt Stegall
  • Rod Black
  • Glen Suitor
  • John "Shoe" Lu
  • Dave Naylor
  • Saskatchewan Roughriders
  • Toronto Argos
  • Ottawa REDBLACKS
  • The Brick
  • Expedia
  • Randy Ambrosie
  • Bo Levi Mitchell
  • Cody Fajardo

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Rogers owns 37.5% of MLSE with Tannenbaum owning 25%. They went after the Bills because they were available but were purchased by Terry and Kim Pegula instead.

So if buying the Argos doesn't mean a commitment to the CFL.....Dale Lastman is the chairman of the board BTW, then what does it mean. The talks to buy them started in late 2013 and was completed 4 years later. Time they didn't need to invest.

They voted yes for this season when many said they were not going to play.

After the game against Edmonton was post postponed, many said they would reschedule the game here because of no availability at BMO. Yet they rescheduled them on a day Canada plays Mexico in a World Cup qualifier....one of big CONCACAF draws....that game is now in Edmonton.

How is not a commitment to the CFL?


Good list. You missed Andrew Harris though. That name seems to get people’s blood boiling😉


It is strange bedfellows . What's in it for Rogers has never been established . Many speculated that the media deal would include them next but no .

The deal and the media release was funny all along .

MLSE head guy what his name Lieweke when trying to buy them and get them in BMO said on air the CFL has influential friends .

Anyone like him have had media courses they know what and not what to say .

That was either a parting shot by him or the CFL made a deal that could not be refused .

MLSE wanted nothing to do with the CFL .

What changed their minds ?

Bell trying not to try a hostile purchase of MLSE ?

It is kinda wonky with Rogers / Bell and the competition act owning Boardwalk and Park place of Canadian sports together .

It would make for good journalism but we don't have that here .


MLSE owns TFC too and Rogers has no broadcast agreement with them or MLS either.

They operate the stadium so putting the Argos there makes more sense than anywhere else. Lieweke's involvement among other things was the BMO expansion but the talks to buy the Argos started earlier.

Based on what we are reading here, does anybody else feel like the brain-trust at our hands right here in this CFL forum, with any employees or contracted employees of media and other companies such as TSN, MLSE, and Rogers disqualified, would straighten out an awful lot of this mess in Toronto?


Une franchise de la NFL en Saskatchewan? Je ne dis pas non, mais ça coûte au moins un milliard et demi, et il faut un stade d'au moins 80 000 sièges. Et on sait que les propriétaires d'équipes ne veulent pas payer pour un stade. Est-ce que les pouvoirs publics de la Saskatchewan (ou partenaires publics et privés) vont vouloir payer pour un nouveau stade de 80 000 places alors qu'ils en ont de 33 350 places tout neuf?

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Hate Rogers....they don’t give a crap about anything but their bottom line.


Thank you for stopping by and for voting in this poll too.

What else would you recommend so as to straighten some things out?

Rogers and Bell have so many interconnected relationships that I don't think Rogers giving in and supporting a Bell TV content property means anything more than it was one part of an agreement where there's a lot of give and take.

Basically I don't think Rogers buying into the Argos equals support.

I do think the team is well run by John Murphy and Pinball but that's where the love stops. Higher up, I don't believe there is any deeply held love for the CFL.

I believe the rumours about MLSE considering moving the Argos to the XFL or some other iteration and it's believable because of the lack of committment.

I would believe they were committed when I see more marketing for the Argos on behalf of MLSE.

You'll remember when they first purchased the Argos that many people thought that with the MLSE marketing machine, things would be different. We have yet to see the machine be applied to the Argos. That's the lack of commitment.


Expansion at BMO and the CFL were one though they were not going to get the acceptance by the city or exhibition place with it in writing to expand without the stadium being CFL viable . The old initial contract stood the test of time . Braley's Argos were at the gates .

Not angry with anyone or any business I just find all the players involved seem to have different motivations and that always seems to be the major issue with the league .

It can't grow and it can't create large enough profit to sustain losses unless it's a not for-profit team or have a owner that has enough personal interest or investment to plug the losses .

Bonjour Hi

Fortunately I can read some French (didn't cheat with Google translate).

If the NFL ever went to Saskatchewan (they were going to have a preseason game in Winnipeg so it's on their radar) the whole of Rider Nation that spans Saskatchewan and beyond would be behind them assuming the CFL was folded in that scenario.

Not everyone in Saskatchewan loves the CFL but when you have an entire mass of people backing a single small entity like the Green Riders I'm sure it would be alluring if the NFL were smart.

So they would charge double and still fill Mosaic plus a ton of good will from the rest of Rider Nation.


Voted Expedia still waiting for a return . :grinning:

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I do agree they're investing allot into the football ops (some would say too much).

I don't know if I would say they're not commited to the CFL itself but they're not a fan of the way the overall business is run league wide. I see exploring the XFL plan is a way to see if there is another model. I don't think it hurt having those talks.

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The CFL has original that go back to the 1850's. Do you really think it can be killed?

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First, I’d have a Jameson’s. Then, a good tug of war with my dog, followed by checking out this forum and watching a game.
That’s all I got. Rogers is evil and those things are good.
I can’t change anything outside my scope.
It’s a lame answer. Sorry.

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