Purchasing tickets on the mnt..

Well i'm a season ticket hlder, but today I had to go pick up a ticket for my bro who's quite pumped up for the game Saturday and he wanted me to get one for him beside us, so i went to Sports Obsession thinking they still sell tikets there but they said u can only buy them downtown now..is this true or were they talkin outta there asses? If this is true, I rly think they should change it, cuz i find it kinda dumb that u can only buy tickets at the centre mall, and that theres no where at all on the mnt to be able to purchase them, what's with the change? Anyone know anything or have an opinion to this? Caretaker..anyone?!

you can get tiger cat tickets at any ticketmaster location but they have a big service charge i believe. the only two official ticat locations are on jarvis st. downtown and at the center mall. sports obsession doesnt have anything to do with the ticats anymore

If you walk up to the mountain brow, there's been a line a few hundred people long waiting to hear who was starting at QB Saturday before they jump. Given today's announcement by Taaffe that he is a football coach, not a windsock, you can probably score some ticks real cheap from someone in that line.

seeing i live on that street i did notice quite a few jumpers today.