Purcahse Packer shares

Although this is not open to people outside the US, for a mear $250 dollars you can purchase 1 share and be considered an owner of the green bay packers.

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports/article/635160--packers-offer-250k-shares-in-first-stock-sale-since-97]http://www.thespec.com/sports/article/6 ... e-since-97[/url]

Could/Would this work with our team? I certainly would buy some. Perhaps this is a way to generate funds for upgrades to our new stadium and ensure we have a 1st class facility?

I think you'd first have to sell the empty seats before you even tried something like that.

The lack of sellouts shows the level of interest this team has in the community.

NFL in the U.S. = NHL in Canada.

As we all know, football is a much tougher sell here.

I have to agree with Captain and I say that unfortunately (not because I don't want to agree with you Captain, I just don't want to agree with what you're actually indicating but I must, wish football was more prevalent around these parts). As well I don't feel the Hamilton area has a united sense of community for just about anything owing in large part to it being situated in a huge megagopolis if that's the word of the greater GTA and the divided city of mountain vs lower mountain. Muchly a very impersonal city I find lacking a defining character.

Only in the sense that they are each the top sport in their respective countries. Americans are much more passionate about football than Canadians are about hockey.

True PiCat. If you take the top feeder league for the NHL, the OHL, well CHL in it's entirety, some markets have a tough time holding onto a CHL team. Can you imagine the Michigan Wolverines or USC Trojans or Notre Dame not drawing well for football? No way. Football is much more a religion there than hockey is here.

and passionate about Baseball, College Basketball, College football, NASCAR, NHLin certain cities
.............Canada is a one sport country

The Packers shares programme is about trying to raise $22 Million to renovate their stadium.
Would Hamilton fans pay $250 a share? I doubt it, they would expect their government(s) to give $22m for a stadium reno.
Not sure if the shares could be sold in a few years for a profit or whether it's an excercise in proving that you love your team and you are willing to do your share to improve your stadium and your team.

Perhaps, but keep in mind Hamilton has a lot of fanatical fans, just not as many of them as some other teams. I'd buy a share if it was offered, if only to have a conversation piece.

Me too. I almost bought a Rider share, and I'm not even a Riders fan.

I had a season ticket for the last two years, but commuting between Kingston and Hamilton for games is just too stressful to do that often, so I gave it up at the end of this past season. Selling shares would allow me to support my team from a distance.