punts that go out of bounds

Was watching the Lions Riders game and at the end of the first half the Lions punted the ball and it was ruled that it just went out of bounds and the Lions got penalized, who dreamed up this STUPID rule I guess because I watch a lot of american ball I assumed that the riders would have gotten position at the point it went out of bounds which is a logical rule as far as I'm concerned but to be penalized for a punt going out of bounds is stupid, I can understand it on a kickoff or a kick after a safety but not on a punt, this is ridiculous. :cowboy:

tagen, do you understand why this rule was adopted? Remember when you're watching Canadian football, you aren't watching US football.

The rule was changed a couple of years ago, after teams simply kicked every punt out of bounds to prevent good returners from fielding the kick. Teams are still allowed to kick the ball out of bounds inside the 20's, or if it bounces out anywhere that's fine. The league determined (and rightly so, I think) that it is better for the game to have the majority of punts be returnable. Thus the rule change.

Besides, the penalty is usually declined anyway. Punts that go out of bounds in the air outside the 20-yard-line are usually shanked kicks. Taking possession where it went out of bounds is usually preferable to moving them back a few yards and giving them a chance to kick again.

I've actually only seen the rekick a few times in the year-and-a-third that the rule has been in effect.

Stupid rule. As was noted, the penalty is usually only called if the punter shanks it. The punti team is already being penalized for a bad kick, now they want to add a penalty?

I realize the idea behind the rule, but teams that try to kick the ball OOB between the 20's often end up with 35 yd punts(with no return), or sometimes much less if the punter isn't perfect. That's fine with me.

I like the rule.. as I prefer to see returns rather than nothing!

btw, the punt before the one that turned into that TD for B.C.?

was actually a penalty.. now if the Riders had declined it, they'd have the ball.. coaches and their decisions!

why did the rule need to be changed?? are you saying that if a punt goes out of bounds in the air at the 1 that its a penalty? because if its only outside the twenty yd line then the Kicker should get more than a penalty , he should be CUT :stuck_out_tongue:

No, if it goes out of bounds at the 1, that's not a penalty. If it goes out of bounds before the 20, then it's a penalty. They did it just to make sure that there's a return on every kick. Or on almost every kick, anyways. Remember, there's no "Fair Catch" rule in the CFL, so all kicks have to be fielded.

No, they don't "add" a penalty.
If the receiving team accepts the penalty, the kicking team gets the down over again from 10 yards back.
So if the ball went out of bounds because of a shank, the receivers will usually decline it and take it from where it went out. Essentially there's no different in this case than before this rule existed.