Punts Per Game

ro1313 corrected my original computations...

I crunched the numbers and Punts Per Game last season in the CFL averaged 14.03 (Total Punts = 1010 / 72 regular season games)

By comparison, the NFL average was 8.64 (Total Punts = 2213 punts / 256 games)

The difference is about what I thought it would be.

Go Argos! :cowboy:

The NFL should be lower with the longer play clock in between plays, just as the CFL probably averages quite a few more plays per game.

Also, with one less down I'm not surprised that we have to punt a few more times per game. There's something that would be interesting to see: Average Number of plays per possession. I'm not gonna crunch those numbers though...haha!

Actually there are only 72 reg season games.
8 teams x 18 games / 2 teams per game.
So its 14.02 for the CFL and 8.64 for the NFL.

I believe ro1313 stats before the original stats..... Thats why I believe that once a week in practice teams should swap their dbs and recievers so that the recievers learn how to tackle...... Then you go balls to the wall and air the ball out...... A 60 yard throw/interception/ immediate tackle is way better then 35 yard Duncan Donuts punt...with a 15 yard no yards call.
Besides maybe the reciever will catch the ball....maybe he will draw a flag.
Furthermore your dbs will learn how to catch.... Look at the Argos game.... The argos had a foe sure touchdown...accept the db dropped the ball.....then Hamilton got a TD on the same series.... A 14 POINT SWING.......
THROW IT DEEP.... CFL football only has 3 downs...... Watch the Edmonton/Calgary game from last week....I rest my case. Beyond the completed bombs..... Thelwell' 30 yard gain on a 5 yard pass would of NEVER happened if Calgary wasn't thowing it deep the previous two series.... Thowing it deep also opens up the running game.....

Doh! Right you are ro1313. I was a little surprised at the math at first. Should have studies stats more... :cowboy:

how do you make your writing red?

you seem to be making more than 1 point??

If you are suggesting throwing the ball long on 3rd down as opposed to punting, then you havent thought it through. If not, then what has your post got to do with punting??

Anyone who intercepts a 60 yard 3rd down pass should sit on the bench for the rest of the season

So is the nfl number correct./ I would also wonder in the nfl what the percentage of punts actually get returned.

Noooo. Obviously I don't mean throw it deep on third down...... I'm saying STOP PLAYING THIS BORING FOOTBALL THAT WE HAVE SEEN FOR ATLEAST 2 YEARS NOW.... Throw it deep more often during a game on 1st and 2nd down....
PLAY CFL FOOTBALL...... not this ball control crap we have seen for the last several years..... I'm using these punt stats to further my case.... If you are punting seven times a game and only getting a 35 yard net each time.... it's like the equivelent of seven medium length interceptions.... I'm saying that in the CFL you ARE STUPID to play ball control unless you are winning by a pile... Mark my words....teams seen what happened in Edmonton last week and things are on the way up in the CFL.....it's about time.

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Well why dont you apply for the next HC job :roll:

Do you think I could pull a Bobby Ackles and just show up and ask for a waterboy job and then work my way up to Head Coach?

In all seriousness if Machociahead can be a CFL coach....I could too.

if teams start trying too many low percentage long bombs, there will be a lot more two and outs and an INCREASE in punts.

There is absoulutly NO WAY you could possibly increase the number of punts in a CFL game from current levels....You would have to start playing rugby to increase the levels..... Punting in the CFL MUST be at record levels the last few years... I have no evidence to back this up.... but I would be willing to send 20 bucks to ANYONE who could prove otherwise.....
P.S. You must limit your search to post 1970..and pre 2000. Find 2 consecutive seasons that averaged a higher punts per game average then 2006/2007.
If you can prove it ...I'll send you a $20 cheque.

you argue against yourself. Successfull ball control means eating up the clock. Less possessions and less punting. Common sense, and a little bit of football knowledge, should tell you that

and I am not about to do that kind of research. Specially for a paltry 20 bucks.

Then go for it instead of comming here to complain aobut all that is wrong with the game and the league

Maybe Jim Popp had that exact same thought last season...

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