I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere that there is an average of 12 punts per CFL Game

what if they changed the rule for punting like they do timeouts, a fixed amount per half?

I'm not against punting, certainly with Speedy B on our team, but it would change the dynamics of going for it on third down?

what do you guys think?

Not to discourage creative thinking but I would be against any more complications to the game.

Kicking of all sorts is integral to Canadian football. Imposing a limit on punts per half would be an unnecessary and even detrimental restriction.

For instance, a struggling offence will punt more in a game. What happen's to a team who's defense has performed impeccably to keep a game close when their offense runs out of punts? That defense's effort is for not as the struggling offense is relegated to gambling on 3rd down with terrible field position. A modest lead turns into a blowout and therefore a less compelling game.

Will we also ban intentionally missed field goals and drop kicks used in lieu of punting? What about the quick-kick trick play to score on a punt with an onside man? Is that outlawed from scrimmage once a team runs out of punts?

We've already scrambled the rule book with special timing under 3 minutes, mini-game overtimes and different illegal kick out of bounds rules for kickoffs and punts.... we have rosters with nationals, internationals, quarterbacks and designated imports.. now we have a multiple option scrimmage point for the convert where you can go for 1 by way of putting the ball into play from the 25 or go for 2 from the 3 yard line but not be allowed to go for 1.

The game doesn't need any more complexity...

It is called FOOTball!!!! Punting can change the outcome of any game. Exciting plays happen. Dumb kicks happen.
Why would we add more complexity?

There is nothing wrong with the punting that the likes of speedy Banks and now Williams in Ottawa cannot return for TD's.

There is a good chance that punting may be one of the more exciting plays in the game now.
With the rule changes, big returns are probable also Reinebold said he thinks more punts will be blocked this year
because with less players running down the field, the receiving team can send more players in to try and block a punt.
Hamilton's special teams were the best in the league last season, I expect Reinebold to have his guys ready again this season.

I'd go a little further Grov. I think the punt return is the most entertaining play in all of sports.
Punt return
Than the break away in hockey.

As for adding more complexities, I don't see it being to much of an issue.

Thanks for the replies