Punting out of bounds..

Current rule from what i can gather
"When a punt goes out of bounds in flight in between the 20 yard lines, the receiving team should have the option of taking the ball where it went out of bounds plus a ten yard penalty against the kicking team, or requiring the kicking team to re-kick ten yards back from the original line of scrimmage. Currently, the receiving team can either take the ball where it went out of bounds or require a re-kick ten yards back "

This Seems to be the preferred tactic versus Speedy B and its working. Punt it OB and take penalty or let Banks return it, its a no brainer.

Maybe they should look at increasing the penalty yards and increasing it to include between the 10 yard lines.

That should force them to keep the ball in play.

What do you guys think?

The current rule was intended to create more opportunities for returns but still reward punters for being to pull off coffin corner kicks. I think stretching the "illegal punt" range to the 10 yard lines would be excessive, but maybe increasing the severity of the penalty for a punt out of bounds between the 20s would be a good thing.

The Tiger-Cats should really screw with the minds of the opposition teams, not only have Speedy B back on returns but have a triple threat of Speedy B, Sinckfeild and McDuffie you won't know who gets it on the return and they can quickly hand the ball off to the other, could be interesting having a triple threat back on returns?

I don't think it's referred to as a coffin corner punt if it goes out on the 10-20 yard line but only when it's a couple of yards from endzone.. No one is overly impressed (including the punter) with a punt that goes out at the 15 yard line. Dropping that ball inside the 10 yard line is the money shot.

They sure have enough dynamic players to make punt/kick returns interesting

You wouldn't want too many players back, as you still need to cover the fake punt. Putting two players deep isn't too bad, but no way you put three back, leaving 12 on 9 at the line of scrimmage.

That would be awesome, scare them into a "Too Many Men" penalty... Lol