Punting out of bounds

What do you think about forcing punters to kick to returners - rather than just kicking it out of bounds?

One side of the debate loves the chess match that you get from it (in terms of field position). It also demonstrates the punter's skill. I think it's neat seeing a punt go out of bounds inside the 5 - that is skill!

The other side loves the excitement of a return. A return for a touchdown is usually the biggest play of a game, and it's always fun (or scary!) when a returner gets his hands on the ball. Watching a returner beating even 2 or 3 guys is great, let alone when he takes it all the way!

Personally, I think that punts and singles should be treated similarly - as follows: If the punt/missed FG bounces in the field of play at least once, and then goes out, then it's legal/a single is awarded. If the kick goes straight out of bounds, without ever touching the field, then it's illegal/no single.

I think a good penalty for punting it out of bounds would be L10, repeat down ...

Don't touch the punting system. Football IS about field position. When you kick it out of bounds, you usually concede some good yardage to the opposing team, because you rarely get the ball out at maximum distance. But if you kick it in bounds, you risk paying the full price of it. So kicking it out of bound is a gamble. You concede a few yards in an attempt to avoid conceding a lot more.

I don't like when people try to take strategy out of the special units. Yes, I enjoy great returns, but there will be anyways as no team kicks it out of bounds constantly (and there are a lot of punts in the CFL anyways).

Coffin kicks are a skill and should be rewarded. withouth this, you might as well not even get a good punter. a good punter can make the ball go out of bounds on the 1 yard line.

I think the rule is fine as it is. But I could live with a change that allowed the receiving the option of having the kicking re-kick with a ten yard penalty for any punt that went out on the fly, as opposed to rolling out.

Don't mess with the punting rule. The really "skilled" kickers can put it out on the 5 yard line or better. Third & Ten summed it up well...Football is all about position. Besides, look what happened last year in the Grey Cup when Buono had O'Mahoney kick away from the Toronto receivers.

I think losing the Grey Cup was a sufficient penalty.

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AWWWW baloney :lol:

I don't see the skill in kicking it out of bounds. Aim for the 10 give plus or minus 10 yards and you have quite a big target. Considering a average return is about 15 yards the kicking team has nothing to lose. That is why the penalty should be 25 yards from where the ball went out.

Lets now say I agree with you and kicking it out at the 5 is the ultimate skill.
Why are they doing it at the 30 and 35 yard line now? They are afraid of the returners, every team has a player who can take it back for a TD and kicking it out slows down the game and kills the excitement.

i think the rule is good as it is but if you had to change it make it something like it is only illegal outside of the 30 or 35 yard line so punter can still try to pin a team at there one yard line with that perfect punt.

NO its part of this great game!

Well actually I don't think its part of our great game because if memory serves the CFL never used to do it. It was only after they started to do it in the NFL that it caught on here.

But I could be wrong

As in, the NFL allowed punting out of bounds before the CFL? I didn't know that ...

I don't understand why it's illegal to kick it out of bounds on a kickoff, though...

Even though a penalty of 25 yards may compensate for the "average" return, I think it's way too steep. Think about a brutal penalty, such as a facemask. That's only 15 yards. The worst penalty, for the worst offense, is 25 yards plus you're kicked out of the game. So 25 yards simply for punting it out would be a bit much ...

As well, making it a penalty if the ball sails out on the fly still demands skill on behalf of the punter - if not moreso. Now, not only do they have to worry about getting it out at a nice spot, they also have to worry about getting it to bounce 1 foot from the sideline first. Much smaller target - much more exciting when it's hit. One of the most exciting plays in rugby is when a nice, clearing punt just touches the field, 40 yards away, before rolling out. Beauty!

Here is another way of looking at it!!!!

Jones takes the punt at his own 5, he’s up to the 10 the 15 the 20, OHH what a block by Smith!!!!! Jones takes it to the outside, he’s at the 30, the 35, the 40, he finds a hole up the middle and gets to midfield only one man to beat!!!!! OHHHHH what a move he pulled on Smith the kicker, he made him look foolish there, he’s at the 40 the 35 the 30, he could go all the way. Look out here comes Finley he has the angle on him, he could get him, it’s a footrace to the endzone he’s at the 15 the 10 the 5 Finnley dives
TOUCHDOWN JONES a 105 yrd punt return for a touchdown, his 2nd of the year. This puts Jones’ team right back into the game.


Smith stands at his own 50, he gets it away OH! It went out of bounds at the 10. Nice kick.
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Need I say more????

should be allowed inside the 10 yard line only

.........if punting the ball directly OB is a 'skill' then I'm heading down to the practice field Monday to show Higgins my stuff..........I'm in the camp that says you kick the ball directly OB then it's a re-kick 10 yards back, and keep doing that until your kicker's butt is touching the back of his endzone......skill is hitting the field one yard inbound and bouncing out.....skill is not hitting seat 5 and 6, row 22, Section M..........unless of course you called that shot to the ref beforehand......

Lets try it in a exhibution game frist, but I undicieded cuz there are many factors in a punt (wind, etc.) and I rather see a OB punt than a bad no yard call.

Touchy subject ...while it does take away from the return game, it also takes a skillfull punter to accomplish it.
How about this? if the ball hits the ground before going outta bounds theres no penalty, direct kicks outta bounds add 10 yards from the point of exit, this would add an interesting dimension in strategy.

Other than that leave it the way it is :slight_smile:

....yeah, I could live with that dent..........