Punting Out of Bounds

One of the plays I hate the most is punting the ball out of bounds, simply to avoid a return. It takes away from the return game, and we all know how exciting the return game can be, if it is allowed to proceed.

What if:

10 Yard penalty of the ball goes out of bounds in the air with the exception of the "Coffin Corner". If the kicker can put it out between the Goal and the 5, the kick stands as is, since that is a difficult kick to do properly.

Out of bounds in the End Zone is a single, no change.

There should also be a disadvantage (other than the 2 points) for the safety. Perhaps kicking off from the 20 (or allowing the other team to scrimmage from the 50).

I dissagree with the punt penalty as it already costs you atleast 10 yards, and usually 15+. Also, the 5 yard line is too narrow a window, I think the 15 or 20 would be better.

As Far as safteys, I agree, either increasing them to 3 points or having the kickoff at the 20 yard line would work best IMO.

I've been in agreement on calling penalties on punting out of bounds on the fly, but the way most of the punts have resulted in a penalty this year you're ahead of the game with an out of bounds punt. Makes for a dull game though.

rater have it be 5 yards on a fly, none if it hits the ground, and a single if it goes OB in the endzone.

as for the safety, the 20 yard line is a good idea, but I think it's good as it is right now, becase a team that gives up the safety gives up points and the ball, if the D isn't on it's feet, that's 9 or 10 points to team B.