Punting (or not) game

Congi appears to be OK on field goals, but his kickoffs are not deep, and his punting leaves a LOT to be desired so far this season.

Tonight, both he and Prefontaine had 10 punts. Pre gained 123 yards more (avg. 49.7 to 37.4) and nearly 200 yards more net! (450 to 251) Congi's net, including this game, is barely over 30 yards per kick.

Danny and Co. need to look at finding another punter, because in close games like this one was, 200 yards given up in the punting game will not get the job done. It's been 5 games now for them to recognize the need.

Oh where is Pikula when we need him? Oh right, at the top of the league in punting average, but for BC (I know, he only has 6 punts, but I wish they were for the Riders instead of BC) :cry: