Punted ball on Ticats last possession 1st Half?

Unbelievable! So it's 3rd down in our own end with 25 seconds on the clock in the first half. A full 20 seconds left on the play clock. So what do we do? We punt the ball with the play clock at 16 seconds!!!! Why not wait until there is a second or 2 left on the play clock and then punt the ball? Ends up with the Roughriders scoring. Did anyone else see this???? :thdn: :thdn:

Clock didn't start until the ball was snapped since the previous play was an incomplete pass.

no no that cant be right...
Wilbur messed it up, and should be cut :roll:

I see where you're coming from, though......

The TC's seemed undecided as to go for points or to kill the clock.....running on second down...even if unsuccessful, and then the clock is dead and they don't have time for a td....considering we were going into the wind with a lead...it might have been the best call at the time.....and certainly is the best call in retrospect...

I agree. Hindsight is always easier, but we sure blew that final minute of the half. Starting deep in our own end, I certainly wouldn't have complained if we'd decided to run out the clock and go into halftime with a lead.

Of course, if that pass had reached McDaniel we probably end up trying to get in range for a field goal.

Contrast: Sask got the ball back with 16 seconds and no one doubted that they were looking to put points up. Apparently our defence doubted that they might actually fgo for 6 instead of 3.