Punt Toronto

Lots of talk about papering the house for GC yada yada. With respect to the few die hard Argo fans, I say let's move on without Toronto.

I'm tired of how the Raptors and Jays are forced on us as "Canada's teams". I don't care if there are no other Canadian teams in those leagues. No way would the Sens or Jets become Canada's team if they returned or advanced to the Stanley Cup.

If TO does not want to support CFL, good riddance. We don't need you. We don't care about you. Let's concentrate on the markets like Saskatchewan and Ottawa that want and have earned CFL respect and the rewards that come from that.

That's a sports media problem, less than a Toronto problem. TSN and Sportsnet are both based in Toronto. They have the most staff in Toronto. Toronto teams have the most fans.

Most importantly, Toronto teams have by far the most haters. The Globe & Mail writes a story about Calgary or Ottawa, and it gets five comments. ANYTHING they write about Toronto gets triple digits. They don't care that those comments are mostly people complaining about so many Toronto articles or fans and haters arguing. It's all traffic to them.

I mean, the Toronto Sports Media called up James Reimer's mom, FFS. Toronto sports fans don't want that garbage foisted on them, any more than fans anywhere else do. But, you've got so much sports media concentrated there, that you get saturation coverage. Then, when TSN needs to fill air time, they've already got all that Toronto centric content they can air for cheap.

The decline of local broadcasters in favor of national coverage has contributed a lot to the problem. But it's not Leaf fans creating it. You know who doesn't give a damn if the Leafs are "Canada's team" or not? Leaf fans.

If TO does not want to support CFL, good riddance. We don't need you. We don't care about you. Let's concentrate on the markets like Saskatchewan and Ottawa that want and have earned CFL respect and the rewards that come from that.
I don't think the league is going to abandon Toronto, because it's important to TSN, and if they can help prop the team up, sure. But they certainly should spread the Grey Cup around more instead of overdoing it in Toronto. I bet Ottawa puts on a great one next year.

He's not talking about the league abandoning Toronto, he talking about Toronto not supporting the CFL.
As long as the owners continue to pay the bills then the CFL will support the CFL in Toronto.
The question is; " how long will the owners put up with crowds of 12k?" if you can't draw crowds in your first year in a new stadium with all of the promotions and marketing, there is little hope to draw crowds in the future.
As for the Grey Cup, you won't see it in Toronto again. The new owners likely will see a big loss on the Grey Cup.

As a season ticket holder with the Argos since 1988, I've seen ownership groups and individuals come and go, from Carling O'Keefe to C&S to the current ownership. The only ownership group that seemed to get it was C&S, and of course John Candy. They were fans of the team and of the sport. The one theme that seems to be constant is that these owners were looking for the quick fix. If everyone remembers, The Alouettes were drawing 2000 a game to the Big O. The move to McGill helped but it wasn't the reason the Al's succeeded and continue to succeed. Larry Smith hit the streets and went door to door to businesses selling season seats and sponsorship. I remember seeing an interview he gave saying they were going to get people back, one at a time.

The Argos will succeed. The TV numbers are good so the fans are out there. The current group of season ticket holders have got to be the most loyal group of fans out there with all of the crappy owners we've had, all the negative media coverage we get, all the death notices we've received. From time to time the truly loyal fans are reminded of how many people actually follow the team. 2012 Grey Cup comes to mind.

The Argos are MY team. I watch other sports, but I live and die week to week during the season, follow the ups and downs just like many on this forum do with thier own team. The success of ANY team is those casual fans, that the Argos have many, to buy tickets. The last 5 years have been tough. The move to BMO has been great. I think the new ownership bit off a little too much to begin with.

Argos fans are out there, and lots of them too. It's up to Copeland to get them off thier couches and but tickets, and when 25000 are sitting at BMO game after game, there will be one season ticket holder with a huge smile on his face for sticking with his team.

Toronto was close to losing to Raptors 5-6 yrs ago for a reason. They turned it around by luck.
Blue Jays lost money this year and barely made money last year. Its a fact that the Argonauts profited more than the Blue Jays this year.

Maple Leafs are the only team that is truly Toronto's team for obvious reasons.

Argonauts have a place in Toronto which is clear. Also clear is that Toronto and the owners have to start getting on the same page.

this will never happen. the CFL will not give up on Toronto.

what they need to do is make the Argos Owners put some money into the marketing and sales of this team.

get out to the schools, get out to the youth sporting events.

start advertising your damn team!

The Argos need a long-term, high quality marketing strategy. I suggest they hire an agency if they don’t already have one. They should also invest heavily in product placement and sports celebrity endorsements. But the key is a long-term sustained marketing campaign. It’s going to take money and effort to eventually cut through the media noise in Toronto, and they can’t just go two and out and punt after the Grey Cup, knowing they’ll grab another G.C. in four years. That’s not a winning strategy.

Argos fans need to grow a set and at least admit to watching the game. And then get off the couch and show your face at the stadium,. :oops:

Apart from the diehard Argo fans, Toronto only supports the Grey Cup when they're in it. They sold out skydump in 2012 when the Argos won.

The casual Toronto fans are the ultimate bandwagoners. The Argos' task is to turn some of them into season ticket holders; not sure if it's possible there the same way it has been done in Hamilton. They're different markets, but the Ticats had a lot of the same symptoms as the Argos current situation.