Punt Team

ANOTHER blocked punt. Thats 3 this season, and we're in only the 3rd week! :thdn:

I notice the Punt coverage down field is awesome, they swarm the returner as soon as they get the ball, but what's with the blocking? 3 punt blocks, but thats not counting the close ones. Today, I don't know what happened. Did Carter pick the wrong guy? Looked like either way, it was getting blocked.

Whats going on? Right now, thats the only weakness I see in this team, and that can be crucial, especially in the type of game the 1st half was, a very tight Defensive battle.

I fully expected that blocked punt today. Why? Because our first punt was almost blocked as well. Scott Squires is an idiot. This makes three blocked punts in three weeks, to go with the kickoff return TD and Duval's struggles on field goals. The unit is never able to play consistently in all phases of its game. If it's not protection problems for the kicker, it's the kicker missing makeable field goals. If it's not the kicker, it's the kick coverage. I wonder if Squires was around to watch that Duval miss? :roll:

I was critical of Burke last season, but this year he's done a good job with the D. Squires? This looks like the same old garbage as last season.

I know what you mean.

I have trouble watching the Punt team when their on the field. I just can't watch.

Either his schemes are crap, or he is not able to get his unit to focus and play consistent football, or both. Because our special teams have been special in a very undesirable way going back to last season.