Punt Returns

This area certainly isn't my specialty- I just like to watch them.

Last night the return schemes seemed really sloppy. Technical specialists out there- was this simply because it's pre-season and until there are cuts there simply isn't a unit to 'gel' that knows each others moves and the return schemes?

Doesn't look like we're going for a 'burner' back there either.

You're right the return team did look really weak. Anderson was scary back there, and should really stick to being a great DB. Although on the punt returns there were two men back, which confused me, because if you have one man back, you have another person to block. I'm sure Taffe will figure it out.

Corey Holmes by week four if it can't get figured out by then. It's a no-brainer if no solution is found by then.

Oski Wee Wee,

you have one man back, you have another person to block. I'm sure Taffe will figure it out.
One takes the ball and the other blocks...whats there to get?

That would make sense in the NFL to have two back because of fair-catch making the game boring. However if you put 11 guys on the line in the CFL you can hold guys back before they even get close to the return guy allowing for at least an average return every try. If you've got two speed guys in the back, neither that can block the greatest, when one goes to block, they'll likely get mowed down anyway. I think just leaving one person back would be better for punt returns.

I disagree....with how wide the field is you need to cut it in half back there.

This is correct, I think. The second guy in the NFL is responsible for providing a buffer for the returner since the fair catch rubric means that a returner is open season when fielding a kick to return. That blocker saves lives.

In the CFL, with the no-yards zone, it is not necessary or desirable IMHO to drop a second guy back unless there is so much wind or other weather havoc that both sides of the field need coverage. It is better to halt the progress of the coverage teams on the line with blocks and allow the returner space to fully accelerate.

Oski Wee Wee,

For the most part, Winnipeg's special teams did a great job at getting downfield to prevent a good runback. When Setta had that one punt that allowed the Ticat special teams to get downfield, Winnipeg was limited to only a few yards.

Believe in Jojo
The Jet has the Juice To Be our KR Guy

The reason there are two guys back to return the punts is: The trick scheme TAFFE has in mind...

Watch and SEE...

JoJo The jet will Fly again!

And yes JoJo has the juice...

Its game time baby

I feel a Music City Miracle coming on... LOL :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Whats the music city miracle thing about… I dont follow

It was on a kickoff, mind you…


Watch the clip at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgxcQS3l … ed&search=


Oski Wee Wee,

lol thats nice...

I feel that...

I suspect Jo Jo Walker will be the feature returner for kick offs and punts.

I was really quite tired of seing Alston and Anderson returning kicks. Both of them seemed to dance around with the ball. Winnipeg had good coverage. When you have no blocking you do the “Paul Bennett” and plunge forward for 5 yards, it’s better than loosing 5.

We will see how Jo Jo does, i’m betting he’s penciled in on the return game.

We know both Holmes and Lumsden can return kicks when needed so we are covered.