Punt Penalty

OK, we all pretty much agree that there should be a PP in the CFL, but the real question is, what kinda Penalty?

I say it should be like an extension of the No Yards rule in that:

  1. Punts that fly out of bounds w/o hitting the ground: 5 yard penalty from where the ball went OB
  2. Punts that hit the ground but bonce OB: no penalty, ball spotted where it when out.
  3. Punts that go OB in the end zone (either by flying OB, bouncing OB, Hitting the uprights, consented by the receiver or stopped in the zone): Single Point, Ball spotted at the 35 yard line.
  4. no points for punts going beteew the uprights.

what do you think?

Note to players: if your off side, allow the receveir room to get the ball and run with it! if your going a a receveier, slow it down when you get clsoe to him and when he has the ball, GET HIM!!! If your on side, GET THE BALL! but leave the recevier alone!

Who says we all agree that there should be a punt penalty?? I don't see this ever happening.

No yardage penalties. Those are lame.

Kicks into touch = Spotted where it last touched the ground or a player (out on the fly is a bad thing).
Kicks out through the end zone/crossbar contact = Rouge.
Kicks going through the uprights = Um...live ball. Rouges CAN be scored.

I was also wondering when everyone agreed to one of your rule changes.

I never agreed to it.

The refs get enough air time as it is.

I didn't agree to it, but it has some merit. I would perhaps agree to a 5 yard penalty and the kicking has to rekick if the ball goes out of bounds on the fly, at the option of the receiving team of course. Some of those 11 yard shank jobs don't deserve to be penalized and I think the receiving team is generally happy to get the spot where it went out when that happens.

I agree...well, I don't agree with KK, just with you Soupy. Why don't we just get rid of the kicking game altogether? It's a skill to kick the ball deep and get it out of bounds. It's not a skill to line-drive it 60 yards into the hands of a returner before your guys get within 20 yards of him. I find myself chuckling at the folks here who whine about punters kicking the ball OB and maintain the preserving of the single point...truly the most ridiculous aspect of our game. I say if you wanna prevent the punters from kicking OB then you should bring in the fair catch. That way, a kicker can truly show his skill by either bombing one or pooching one, enabling the boys to down it inside the five. That way it's truly a team game.

I dont remember anyone agreeing to it.... other than KK and KK.

How about if the kick goes out of bounds in the air, the ball is placed at the line of scrimmage rather than the point where it goes out of bounds or at the point where it went out of bounds if it doesn't even get to the line of scrimmage? If it is in the air, then the kicker probably is purposedly trying to do this, stop the game, which I don't like. In hockey now, don't they give a penalty if someone shoots the puck over the glass unless it is tipped or deflected off of someone? Similar thing I think.

someone please, what do you think of this idea? Good or crap?

I didn't agree.....Kanga, are you into the sauce already this morning?

Leave the rule as is. Quit changing things! Actually, go bug the NFL people to change the 40 second clock and fair catch rule.

It's crap. Field position is an important strategic part of football. If you have a punter that is skilled enough to put the ball out of bounds inside the 5 on a consistent basis I would consider that a special teams weapon just as much as the fast, slippery return specialist that can give a team instant field position. They both have their place in the game.

I agree that from time to time the league may need to tweak the rule book to make sure that there is competitive balance and avoid unfair advantage to one team or the other, but some of you posters are just complete anal retentive morons when it comes to changing the rules and trying to fix something that's not broken.

The rules didn't detract from the excitement of the playoffs or the Grey Cup did they? Can't we give the stupid rule change posts a rest this season or do you actually have nothing better to think about? If anything they should be looking at better enforcement of the existing rules supplemented by some sort of video replay system, not changing the rules.


That is the kind of thinking supertoe that got the NHL stuck in the mud. You always should be looking at things like rules and while maybe not making a change, at least looking at the possibilities. The fact is, just like in hockey when a goalie shoots the puck over the boards when things are getting rough and he gets the puck and puts it over the boards to take off pressure, a punter by deliberately punting it out of bounds, stops the play. Yes, he risks shanking it by doing this and giving up yardage but a lot of times, they don't care about giving up yardage, they just don't want a speed burner to get their hands on the ball. I'm not saying to give him a penalty, all I'm saying is it is ok to discuss these things. Morons are people who say that others are morons who want to discuss issues in an intelligent and interesting manner.
And I bet if the NFL made it a penalty, someone like you would be all over this saying the CFL should do the same.

The kickoff/punt return is a vital part fo the Canadian game. While being able to ground the ball out of bounds should not be given penalty because of the odd bounce of the ball, a kick out on the fly could be controlled.

If you read what I said before, a ball that goes out of bounds off a kick is returned to the POINT OF THE KICK. It would be a harsh, harsh penalty for bad kicking...but honestly, how can you have a kick that's 100 feet off target? This makes the rule a lot easier to understand without adding the lame yardage penalties that over-administrate the game.

Read my suggestions above please. I can't defend my ideas if everyone ignores them.

The penalty for punting out of bounds is shorter yardage! The ball is spotted at the point where the ball crosses the out of bounds spot, not where it touches down. Example a 50 yard punt in bounds might only be 35 yards if the kicker angles it out of bounds.

Earl, while I agree we need some rule changes to tweek the game, the NHL went really over board this year. 30 power plays a game...how exciting :roll: Yes the NHL needed to cut down on the hooking and the holding, but now players are being called for rubbing shoulders. Too much too soon.

Please, speaking of reading what was written, did either of you read anything in my post besides "anal retentive morons"? Hey Earl, did you miss the part about maintaining competitve balance and tweaking the rules to prevent unfair advantage? Obviously, or maybe you just want to spend the season discussing stupid rule changes that we will never have the chance to bring about. How about 4 downs? You want to read another 50 odd posts about that again this year?

And Steve-o, my apologies if it seemed like I did not read your post. I did, I just did not agree and have had my fill of rule discussions on here. Tell me this, what happens when they are playing in the rain or snow and a punter slips and puts one out of bounds in the air? Should that be penalized as well? The ball should be brought back to the line of scrimmage and the unlucky team penalized? As far as over administering, I don't buy it. As far as I am concerned the no yards penalty is there to allow the returner a chance to field the ball. There is a 5 yard version, for unintentional or unavaidable infractions and a 15 yard for intentional infraction. Maybe we should do away with it altogether and add a few more roster spots for additional return specialists to replace the ones that keep getting injured from being hit by a 250 lb guy going full speed while they are concentrating on a football in the air.

And Earl, do you remember the Brett Hull toe in crease goal that was never disallowed because of the timing and circumstance. That was the NHL's worst possible scenerio that season for that rule change and it happened. I would think the NHL will tell you the same thing, rule change just for the sake of change is not the way to go.


This is one rule that needs to be changed!!!!!
I dont see the skill in kicking it out of bounds. The kicking team is just afraid of a great return so they kick out of bounds. Every team has a returner who can take it all the way and I fidn that far more exciting.

Here is another way of looking at it!!!!

Jones takes the punt at his own 5, he’s up to the 10 the 15 the 20, OHH what a block by Smith!!!!! Jones takes it to the outside, he’s at the 30, the 35, the 40, he finds a hole up the middle and gets to midfield only one man to beat!!!!! OHHHHH what a move he pulled on Smith the kicker, he made him look foolish there, he’s at the 40 the 35 the 30, he could go all the way. Look out here comes Finley he has the angle on him, he could get him, it’s a footrace to the endzone he’s at the 15 the 10 the 5 Finnley dives
TOUCHDOWN JONES a 105 yrd punt return for a touchdown, his 2nd of the year. This puts Jones’ team right back into the game.


Smith stands at his own 50, he gets it away OH! It went out of bounds at the 10. Nice kick.
We will be right back after a word from our sponsor.
Need I say more???

I dont see how having the fair catch will eleminate the ob kick. Its the recieving team that calls it not the kicking team. I also dont see what the single point has to do with it either!!!

I know if its my team, I would rather have the punter kick it out at the 5 then leave it in the hands of somebody like tompkins or landry. And yes this means that Holmes will get it less, but thats just the way it is. I am all about the strategy of the game.

Ro if you don't see the skill in kicking out of bounds, you go try punting 100 times from the 50 and see how many times you can get out between the 0-10 yds.

I rag on Paul for his fg's but he has become a coffin corner master of late. He always sends it high and right on the sideline, minimizing the return and maximizing the yardage(by not sending it out)

BC Lions paid the ultimate penalty for kicking out of bounds in the 2004 GreyCup....They gave Toronto better field position with those kicks and Lost the Grey Cup....What more of a penalty could there be! :cry:

The point is that they are not always kicking it out at the 5. I have seen it happen just as often at the 35-40 yardline.
Even if the kicker misses and it goes out at the 25 there are still better off than putting it in the returners hands and I find that to be dull!